WILD THINGS: The first hunts of the season open on Wednesday


Abundant locally bred Canada geese

It’s still summer on the calendar, but many hunters in the area are gearing up for the first “fall” openers on September 1st.

The goose season kicks off with a bang on Wednesday, when wildlife officials and many city owners hope hunters can help reduce a burgeoning population of locally raised Canada geese. There is a generous daily bag limit of five geese during the two week early hunt. It is designed to help reduce the number of Canadas, which have become so abundant that an increasing number of municipalities have resorted to deadly summer roundups when birds molt. The carcasses are then donated to local pantries.

The first seasons of the teal and the mourning dove will also open on Wednesday, followed a week later (September 8) by black bear hunting with dogs in zones A, B and D, and with bait. in zones C, E and F. in zones A, B and D can start hunting on September 15th.

The most popular openings of the month – deer bow and crossbow – will begin on September 18. It is also the start date for the fall turkey, gray squirrel and fox, and northern cottontail rabbit, as well as the waterfowl hunting weekend for the youngsters.

New this year, the Duck Zone structure includes an open water zone for Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

The regular waterfowl hunt will last 60 days, with opening and closing dates set by the harvest area. The north zone will open on September 25, the south zone on October 2, and the new open water zone on October 16.

After the early hunting ends, goose hunters will have a regular 92-day season, which includes two hunting periods to allow hunting during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The Southern Canada Goose area has a daily bag limit of three Canada geese during the first part of the season and five Canada geese during the holiday hunt (December 20 to January 4).

Duck and goose hunters will see the state waterfowl stamp fee drop from $ 7 to $ 12 to account for inflation since the last increase 24 years ago. Many conservation groups, including Ducks Unlimited and the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association, have advocated for the fee hike. Stamp duties fund critical waterfowl habitat restoration work across the state to improve breeding, bird health, and hunting opportunities.

slum fishing days

A 27.72 pound chinook salmon, 19.15 pound lake trout and 11.48 pound rainbow trout were the heaviest fish caught in each category at the annual Shanty Days Fishing Competition in Algoma . The number of fish caught by the young in the Ahnapee River is remarkable.

Many fishermen attribute the Forestville flow drawdown over the past two years to dumping more than just sediment. The quick action of the small pike seemed to be a direct result of the pond draining, with fishermen often catching several fish per hour. The longest measured at the event was a 35.5 inch.

Other fish species observed included bluefin tuna (“dogfish”), yellow perch, bullhead, sunfish, bluegill, bass (mainly largemouth and rock) and crappie.

Ian Stanz from Algoma caught the biggest northern pike in the Shanty Days fishing competition on August 15: a 35.5 inch. He also won the bluegill division with a 10 inch. Photo courtesy of Wayne Stanz.

Wolf Tally Climbing

Gray wolves have killed two more dogs and two whitetail deer in captivity since our last report, bringing the total to nearly 60 impaired pets and cattle so far in 2021.

Nearly two dozen other animals have been confirmed as injured or missing, and more than 550 others have been implicated in verified complaints of wolf stalking. More than 235 pets and livestock were also involved in depredations or complaints that could not be confirmed.

Wolves have killed, injured or harassed pets and livestock in at least 23 counties in Wisconsin so far this year.

Merlin can identify birdsong

The free Merlin Bird ID app can now help you identify the songs and calls of over 400 North American bird species.

Take out your smartphone, press Save and Merlin will display the matches in real time. Each species you identify with the new Sound ID feature can also be saved to your life list.

Merlin’s new functionality has been made possible by thousands of citizen scientists who have contributed recordings to the Macaulay Library and shared bird sightings with eBird, breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and volunteers who have spent myriad hours training Merlin.

Apply for Hunt by September 1

Eligible disabled hunters can apply to participate in a special armed deer hunt on private property across the state through a program sponsored by the MNR and landowners.

This year’s hunt will take place October 2-10 on selected private land, and hunters should contact a landowner by September 1. To be eligible, hunters must have a valid Class A, C or D license or a Class B license issued for more than one year, authorizing shooting from a stationary vehicle.

Nearly 90 sponsors have registered for this year’s hunt. Those who discover this opportunity can find out more on the MNR website.


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