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Holidays are a special time – in many ways. We will focus today on the more material face of holidays, namely the preparation and shopping of gifts for loved ones.

According to experts, this year we will spend up to PLN 1,300 on preparations for Christmas Eve. Where to get money for Christmas?

Where to get money for Christmas?



It’s best to set a specific amount of money that you can spend on buying presents for the Christmas tree and for festive dishes. Once we get a certain amount, let’s see if we have enough savings to reduce them by holiday expenses.

Remember that we don’t have to spend more money on gifts. Purchases of food products may also be expensive, especially as we see price increases this year. Just look at the cube of butter, the price of which has recently doubled. Fish, bread, vegetables, delicacies … in a word – it won’t be cheap.

Family loans – is this a good solution?


When we lack money, we often turn to our relatives for help. We borrow without interest, which is a very advantageous solution for us. This method works in many situations, but in the upcoming holidays it will rather be a misguided idea.

Why? It is difficult to imagine, for example, a loan from parents that we will spend on buying gifts for loved ones. The described situation seems a bit irrational. It is better to use other ideas.


Have you heard about cashbacks? Banks are outdoing each other in ways to attract customers. They organize various types of promotions to help them with this. Why not take advantage of the promotion if we can get something for free? Cashbacks are a common way to get easy cash. Just set up an account with this type of promotion and, depending on the offer, perform additional actions.

Usually, it is a payment made for a certain amount within a certain period of time. This offer is perfect for the holidays, when we pay a lot in stores, buying gifts. We will spend specific amounts for which we will receive cash bonuses. PLN 500 for holiday madness in shopping centers? Who would not want to take advantage of such an offer?



Non-bank loans are an effective solution to fix a hole in your home budget. We write ad hoc because, when paying in installments, we must be aware that we are required to repay the amount borrowed within the agreed time. And in addition with interest. However, for many people online loans will be a good idea for a financial injection of money because non-bank cash support can be obtained quickly and easily.

All you have to do is choose the right lender, visit his website and complete the online application. We will not wait long for recognized loan decisions. But where can you find a trustworthy lender? It is best to use financial comparison websites or various types of finance portals presenting articles and lists of the best companies providing quick loans online.


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