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Photo courtesy of Kush Hialeah

Anyone who’s ever tried making latkes from scratch knows it’s a bit like letting a three-year-old roam free in your kitchen with a bag of flour and a gallon of oil. Somehow, matzo flour, potato starch, and melted butter get into cracks that not even a cockroach could find, and you will discover remnants of your great pancake experience. potatoes until next summer.

After that matzo bomb went off in your kitchen, you probably thought to yourself, “Next year I’m ordering. But who to order from? And who does it best? Luckily, you live in South Florida, which means you can literally find latkes and all of your other favorite Hanukkah foods from Boca Raton to Hialeah. Here are the best places to find Hanukkah specialties in the area, including a brand new pop-up Hanukkah bar.

Kush Hialeah
Kush Hialeah

You would think the Hanukkah hotbed in Miami would be, say, Aventura or Miami Beach. But in 2021 in reverse, the Festival of Lights lives in Hialeah, where the former Stephen’s Deli has a unique holiday menu. Order 24 hours in advance for groups of six or more and you can choose from a selection of matzo dumpling soup, latkes, brisket, corned beef pastrami, caramelized carrots, black and white cookies and NY-style cheesecake. Don’t want to go to Hialeah for the holidays? Everything is fine, the menu is available for delivery only anyway, so no need to worry about Le Jeune Road mysteriously turning into E. 8th Avenue.
Cost: $ 25 per person
How to book: Take-out order and delivery via Toast.

La Cocina
La Cocina

Hialeah’s Hanukkah feast continues at La Cocina Cocteleira. They will host Hannukah Harry’s Enchanted Forest, the city’s very first pop-up Hannukah-themed bar, right next to Santa Claus. In addition to looping “Eight Crazy Nights”, they’ll have a colorful cocktail menu with stuff like Hanukkah Matata, Manischewitz punch, and B11oody Bubbe, made with E11even vodka, Bloody Mary mix, and black salt.
Cost: Menu prices vary
How to book: Stop for first come, first served seats.

Blue collar restaurant
Blue collar restaurant

When it comes to brisket and latkes in Miami, one name reigns supreme. Blue Collar isn’t hosting a Hanukkah dinner per se this year, but Danny Serfer will have plenty of his famous Hanukkah latkes with applesauce and tons of beef brisket on hand. And while there’s no official word on it yet, don’t be surprised if you see Hanukkah-style beef brisket as one of British Columbia’s daily braised dishes.
Cost: Latkes costs $ 13 per order; the prices of additional menus vary
How to book: Book via Open table, take out order via Toast, or have it delivered via Uber eats.

MED by Marble & Rye

south beach
Lincoln Eatery’s take on classic Jewish deli has a few special Hanukkah latke deals. The first is a pastrami latke, topped with charcuterie mustard and sauerkraut. The second will be filled with corned beef and will receive the same mustard and sauerkraut dressing. Marble and Rye also still carries their usual line of quirky potato pancakes, with variations like s’mores, sweet potatoes, and jelly donuts.
Cost: Latkes cost $ 8 each
How to book: Stop in for the first come, first served.

Josh's Deli
Josh’s Deli

This Surfside mainstay is the quintessential Jewish deli, a staple for classics like hand-cut pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. Josh’s is also known for his creative take on latkes, offering both the traditional original topped with applesauce as well as a variety of crunchy tuna. You’ll also find matzo dumpling soup and a whole plate of salted salmon, which you may know better as lox.
Cost: Menu prices vary
How to book: Stop in for the first come, first served.

Abba Telavivian Kitchen
Abba Telavivian Kitchen

No wonder Miami’s biggest new Israeli hit is doing something special for Hanukkah. But rather than the requisite breast and latke show, Abbale teams up with the donut experts at The Salty for a Hanukkah Strawberry Sufganiyot. If you’re not familiar with your Israeli desserts, it’s a big jelly-filled donut topped with powdered sugar and a schmekel plus jelly, available November 29 through December 5.
Cost: Menu prices vary
How to book: Book via Resy.

Winker's dinner
Winker’s dinner

south beach
Miami’s new retro restaurant in the old Firestone Station on Alton Road evokes Miami Beach’s Jewish history throughout the year. But it hits a little different in the days of Chanukah, when you can step into this aquamarine wonderland and order things like matzo dumpling soup, kosher jerk wings, aubergine sandwich. David’s pastrami and smoked salmon challah.
Cost: Menu prices vary
How to order: Book via Seven bedrooms or delivery of the order via Uber eats.

Wild fork
Photo courtesy of Wild Fork

Various places
Miami’s meat and seafood impresarios at Wild Fork Market offer a Hanukkah take-out dinner that rivals anything that comes out of a sit-down kitchen. Main courses include beef brisket, wild Atlantic salmon with skin, original oak smoked salmon, and Gravlax smoked salmon, for four to six people. Add family-style sides like a green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, or sriracha brussel sprouts, if you’re feeling delusional. Same day delivery and pickup is available.
Cost: Menu prices vary
How to book: Order taking and delivery in line.

south beach
Lincoln Restaurant’s certified kosher Asian eatery keeps pace with its neighbors at Marble & Rye with its own original take on latkes. TYO Sushi serves three seafood latkes, one with a tuna tartare, one with a salmon tartare and one with a spicy crab mix.
Cost: $ 8 per latke
How to book: Stop on a first come, first served basis or order take out and deliveries in line.

Ben's Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant & Caterers
Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant & Caterers

Boca Raton
It wouldn’t be Boca if it weren’t for a New York-based delicatessen branding itself as “Hanukkah Headquarters”. And if you find yourself in North Broward or the PBC during the Festival of Lights, you might be well served to investigate Ben’s Feast for Six, which includes two quarts of matzoh dumpling soup, a side salad, a pound of rye bread, either two and a half pounds of brisket or three whole stuffed chickens, two dozen mini latkes and a small tray of relish. Mazel.
Cost: Plans cost $ 159.99 each
How to book: Come see us to take out or pick up and deliver your orders in line.

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