West Seattle Blog… | WILDLIFE: Bald eagle rescued from a ravine


This Bald Eagle receives care at PAWS after his rescue from Salmon Creek Ravinesouth of the white center [map]. Community Naturalist Kersti Muulwho also helps urban wildlife, shared the report and photos, noting his involvement related to last year rescue of the bald eagle nicknamed Bey.:

I got an email last night from a woman close to Alki that I met while researching Bey. She said her friend posted a Facebook post about an eagle needing help in Salmon Creek Ravine.

His friend had been unable to get help from any of the organizations he had called (a typical scenario). She put us in touch, and I arranged to arrive at daybreak, as it was already dark. He gave me the lat/long and I hiked this morning to assess.

The eagle had not moved much during the night and had not flown. He was alert though – he was bouncing and flapping a bit during capture. HPAI or highly pathogenic avian influenza (bird flu) seemed like a behavioral possibility to me. The last three eagles I responded to were positive for HPAI. There is no cure and the infected bird dies within days. We have an upsurge right now, because of migration. New species are infected, such as cackling geese and snow geese.

I went out with the eagle and brought it to PAWS. On admission, he was not “obviously” symptomatic of HPAI and he is not in quarantine. This is good because it gives him a better chance. Hoping for a full recovery.

At one point the eagle decapitated itself and it just looked me in the eye as we walked. Everything he communicated to me dissolved any fear I had. I recagoulated him for his own comfort.

I’m always so stunned when I hold a wild animal in my arms. Especially one of such majestic scale. Although stressful and often sad, my blessings are not lost on me.


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