West End fishing rules clarified


Big fish and migrating salmon fishing seasons and rainbow trout limits have been updated for a number of West End rivers.

The updates clarify the rules on coastal tributaries regarding fishing seasons for all species, including game and salmon; fishing from a floating gear; selective gear rules, which prohibit the use of baits, including perfumes or scented materials; the use of a barbless single point hook authorized in all areas open to fishing; and the mandatory release of wild rainbow trout.

The changes also reduce the daily rainbow trout limit for the Quillayute system (Bogachiel, Quillayute, Calawah and Sol Duc rivers) and the Hoh River to two rainbow trout hatcheries.

Anglers are permitted to fish from a floating device on the Quillayute system at the following locations:

• Bogachiel: downstream of the US Highway 101 bridge until March 31.

• Calawah: downstream of the US Highway 101 bridge until March 31st.

• Quillayute: downstream of the US Highway 101 bridge until March 31st.

Park pond planted

Children 14 and under can fish without a license in the newly planted pond at Carrie Blake Park in Sequim.

Employees of the State Department of Fisheries and Wildlife planted 180 good-sized trout in the pond on Wednesday and found no signs of loss when checking Thursday morning.

And the large number of ducks in the area didn’t have an impact either.

More plants are expected next week as well as one the week before or after Christmas. Thus, there are many fishing opportunities spread over the holidays.

“These are all fish from last year, so they’re a pretty good size, around 2 pounds, for the most part,” said Don Jones, Hurd Creek Fish Hatchery 3 specialist. . We are increasing this year’s lot size for plants after January 1st and we are also working to bring the “jumbos” up to 5 lbs. So far I am pretty happy with the way things are going. and I keep my fingers crossed to keep the water quality acceptable.

The Carrie Blake Park fish processing plants are supported by the North Olympic Peninsula section of Puget Sound Anglers, Fish and Wildlife.

The ridge needs snow

Snow sports enthusiasts should think about mountain snow and hope for a good snow harvest in the next few days.

Hurricane Ridge Ski and Snowboard Resort said on Wednesday that a weekend opening was 99.5% unlikely, but they left some room for optimism based on the forecast.

“On the bright side, we have a few big storms coming up this week with a forecast of 23 to 36 inches of fresh snow by Saturday and a lot more for the start of next week,” the post said. “What does all this mean? There is a 99.5% chance that we won’t be open this weekend, and there is a 97.325% chance that we will be open next weekend.

Ducks on the pond

I took Center Road through the Chimacum Valley to Hwy 104 on my way to Tacoma to cover the Quilcene State Football Championship game last Saturday and discovered new territory.

On the way, I passed a few successful duck hunters around Short’s Family Farm, returning to their van with at least two male mallards and a hen in their possession. The lower parts of the valley have a fair amount of water accumulated, and with the remains of agricultural plantations or new winter shoots nearby, there appears to be a good population of ducks spending time in the valley. region.

A duck dinner could be organized by calling the landowners and trying to find permission to access their land holdings in the valley.

The duck season ends on January 30.

For more information, visit www.tinyurl.com/PDN-DuckHunt.

Here also swans

Trumpeter swans have returned to farm fields in the Sequim region, and Fish and Wildlife has a hotline to report any sick, injured, or dead swans to 360-466-4345, ext. 266.

Callers should be prepared to leave a short message, including their name and phone number, a detailed location, and the status of the swan (s). The hotline is available until March.

Swans have been banned from hunting, and lead shot has been banned in the state since 1991. But swans still pick up discarded lead while searching for food, others fly into power lines, and some succumb to exhaustion.


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