Weight loss: Diet guru’s healthy snacks ‘feed that chocolate craving’


Diet and fitness guru Carly has over half a million followers and subscribers. The wellness and self-love coach posts workout ideas and recipe inspirations.

She discussed healthy snacks with Express.co.uk and has some creative suggestions.

Carly Rowena said: “Think about the things you love.

“If you really want to have like a brownie, think, ‘Okay, how could I have a brownie in a healthier way? Maybe I can have a hot chocolate, which will feed that chocolate craving. “”

Carly has tips for mimicking all kinds of snacks a dieter might save.

She said: “If you fancy something like a Snickers bar, you can have ripe dates and peanut butter.

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“I don’t have a lot of time in the day,” she said. “So all my stuff has to be very, very fast.

“When you start putting a little effort into your food in your snacks, you start enjoying them a little more.”

Eating healthier snacks avoids the “crash” often felt after sugary foods.

Carly said: “It’s so much easier to go to the cupboard and grab a mince pie and eat it than to do something to yourself, I get it.

“When it’s been a long day and you haven’t eaten enough because you forgot lunch or breakfast and you’re thinking, ‘Can I just have something?’

“But, actually, take the time to drink something or do something and think about how you feel?

“What do we really need?

“I will come back and have another one, which is very likely.

“Instead, let’s do something that will keep me going.”

Another diet expert, Dr. Michael Mosley’s wife, Dr. Clare Bailey, detailed a keto breakfast recipe to “keep you going.”

She is the author of The Fast 800 cookbooks, supplementing the diet developed by her partner.

Her recipe is to cook eggs with delicious ingredients to make protein muffins.

Dr Clare said: “When you’re on the run, it helps to have a few portable options when you need them.

“One or two of these savory Flourless Ham and Spinach Muffins from The Fast 800 Keto will keep you going for breakfast and/or lunch.”


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