Valerie Bertinelli is “in love” with her kitchen makeover


Developing further in his Instagram post, Bertinelli continues: “As you know the kitchen is my safe space where I get creative, I feel inspired and enjoy my own company while coming up with new recipes and menu ideas, so a little makeover or updating goes a long way! A little wine and music help too! [wine emoji] eh eh ! We’ve updated our cabinets to make them a bit more modern and a gorgeous new countertop to brighten up the kitchen. I’m in love!”

For those looking to spot the changes, you can see in previous kitchen videos that its old countertops were black and complemented by white cabinetry (via Amo Mama). Bertinelli’s new look includes an off-white natural stone countertop with marbling and deeper blue cabinetry in the areas surrounding its wall oven. Viewers can take a look at this new cuisine in the episode “Valerie’s Home Cooking” Valerie Bertinelli’s Bolognaise with Spaghetti Squash (via YouTube).

As for the reviews on the remodel, Instagram viewer gandt63 sums it up nicely: “Definitely noticed and a big old man” [thumbs up emoji] the beauty of the background is only surpassed by the beauty of the foreground! You are amazing Dahhhling! ”We can’t help but agree.


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