Toyo Canada Adds HP, SUV / LT Versions to Observe GSi-6 Winter Tire Line


RICHMOND, British Columbia – Toyo Tire Canada Inc. is expanding its line of Observe GSi-6 winter tires with a pair of iterations aimed at performance car and SUV / CUV / light truck owners, respectively.

The new versions, the GSi-6 HP and the GSi-6 LS, feature distinct tread patterns from the GSi-6 and use Toyo’s “studless”MicrobitThe technology “- silica-reinforced rubber with nut shells and bamboo ash-based” carbon dioxide “powder – for better traction on wet roads and better handling in snow, the company said.

The GSi-6 range features a directional tread design with tapered discharge grooves to direct water or slush away from the center of the tire to reduce the risk of hydroplaning or getting caught in rough roads, Toyo said, along with staggered tread blocks designed to improve traction and handling and reduce road noise.

In addition, 3D “Multi Wave” sipes improve traction on ice while ensuring the blocks stay firmer when braking, turning or accelerating for improved overall performance and less risk of irregular wear. Snow claws in the tread grooves improve traction in deep snow or slush.

Toyo Tires Canada has published a video series on its website explaining the different characteristics of the tire.

The Observe GSi-6 is an H-speed rated spikeless winter tire designed for passenger cars and is available in 22 sizes to fit rims from 14 to 16 inches in diameter.

The Observe GSi-6 LS, designed for SUV and CUV applications, is available in H and V speed ratings. It is available in 66 sizes at H and V rated speed to fit 15 to 22 inch wheels.

They complement the GSi-6, launched in 2018 and come in 33 sizes.

The new products will be priced similar to the previous product, the GSI-5, Toyo Canada said. Distribution of the GSi-6 range is currently limited to the United States and is expected to increase in the future.

The GSi-6 range is produced in Japan.


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