Tower Of Fantasy Pan Fried Salmon Recipe


Pan-fried salmon is a Tower of Fantasy recipe, as part of the Aida Café limited event. Read here to learn how Tower of Fantasy Pan-fried salmon and what ingredients you will need to make it.

Tower of Fantasy Seared Salmon Ingredients

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The pan-fried salmon recipe calls for the following ingredients:

  • Salmon – this can be dropped after defeating Sobek in Crown’s Evil Swamp. Alternatively, some players have found salmon as a drop after catching Lake Bass in the Warren and Crown areas.
  • Honey – Honey is dropped by attacking Needlebee hives in northern Banges and eastern Astra. Hives appear as rocks with a glowing blue liquid. Once attacked, the Needlebees will appear from the hive, you must defeat them to collect the honey.
  • Salad – Lettuce is an abundant resource found in the grasslands of Astra.

Once you have the necessary ingredients, locate a cooking pot and go to the “Create” tab if you have never cooked the dish before. The more ingredients you put in the pot, the higher the success rate will be (expressed as a percentage on the right side of the cooking menu).

  • For more help finding Tower of Fantasy resources, read our guide on where to find lettuce in the game.

Tower of Fantasy: Which characters like breaded salmon?

Hilda fancy tower
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The following characters love Pan Fried Salmon as a side dish during the Aida Café event:


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