Top 5 Sonoma County Weekend News


Happy Mother’s Day, Democratic readers of the press!

If you’re enjoying the day with your family and haven’t had a chance to catch up on the news, look no further. We’ve compiled the local news you need to know.

Key stories from this weekend include an investigation into conditions at a housing complex for formerly homeless people in Santa Rosa and a look at the hardships coho salmon face in North Bay watersheds.

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Once hailed as a model solution for the homeless, poor conditions threaten the mission at Santa Rosa’s Palms Inn:

When it was established six years ago, the Palms were celebrated as a critical step toward solving homelessness in Sonoma County.

But a two-month investigation by The Press Democrat found that despite receiving millions of dollars in government grants over the past six years, at least two dozen units have become virtually unlivable. On several visits, reporters found apartments infested with mold and insects – problems confirmed in public inspection records. The reporters also spoke to 14 residents, some of whom fear for their safety and say thieves and drug dealers have been allowed to roam freely on campus.

‘Humans aren’t far behind’: Drought’s toll on endangered salmon harms watershed:

It’s not just one species at stake. The risk is the very resilience of the forest and the watershed that has grown around them, fed by marine nutrients brought upriver and deposited inland. by adult broodstock which, after reproducing, die and decompose.

Sonoma County teens promote safe code at local bars:

A group of Sonoma County students have started a local version of “Ask for Angela,” a program designed to give people, mostly women, a safe way out of situations in which they feel vulnerable, especially those related to alcohol consumption. The idea is this: put up signs in the toilets of bars, pubs and restaurants alerting customers if someone has a date that has become alarming or if they otherwise feel unsafe , he can approach the bartender and ask for “Angela”.

‘Grateful to have met him, horrified that we lost him’: Healdsburg pays tribute to former police chief Kevin Burke:

Mourners numbered in the hundreds by noon, when the funeral mass ended at St. John the Baptist Church and a public celebration of life began in the downtown plaza two blocks away. houses.

Sonoma State Students Condemn ‘Horrifying’ Draft Abortion Ruling:

The generation of women who need reproductive rights the most aren’t surprised by the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion striking down abortion rights, but they say they’re determined to fight it.


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