Top 25: Questions and Answers About the Beauty of the Ocean


Ocean Beauty is included in the Top 25 Seafood Innovators list, published by SeafoodSource on September 28, 2021. Ocean Beauty Seafoods Vice President of Retail Sales Ron Christianson speaks here on behalf of the brand.

SeafoodSource: What products have you seen resonating in 2020/2021?

Christianson: As consumers eat more at home during the pandemic, we are seeing increased interest in products that provide a higher dining experience. For example, our ocean Beauty Cedar-wrapped salmon is gaining good retail distribution, particularly in the West and Midwest. There are not many such products on the market. We take wild salmon, season it and wrap it in real cedar, so that the finished product takes on a delicious smoky taste. This technique makes it possible to prepare a special meal and adds the variety and convenience that consumers are looking for after a year and a half of preparing three meals a day.

Another example would be the Captain Findus product line that we distribute in North America. These are premium European breaded and breaded whitefish products that are a welcome addition to this category, which lacks a premium brand and high quality standard. Consumers really appreciate the frozen raw materials without additives, the high fish to breadcrumb ratio and the authentic recipes. We support this dynamic range with direct messages to the consumer via the retailer and on social media.

SeafoodSource: What are the main characteristics highlighted in The latest product innovations from Ocean Beauty, and what kind of trends have inspired them?

Christianson: Our latest two product introductions are our Echo Falls Tapas, Sliced ​​Smoked Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Hot Smoked Alaskan Sablefish. For our Tapas Slices, we follow the trend of cheese and cold cuts. This product is perfectly sized to fit on a cracker and pre-sliced, so it’s as easy to add to a cheese board as other sliced ​​meats. During the pandemic, consumers were looking for ways to cook their own meals that were a little more special but without a lot of work. Now that we’re starting to entertain in small groups, we want the same easy elegance. Our tapas slices fill the bill.

Smoked sablefish has been our most requested item, so this addition to our Echo Falls product line directly addresses these customer and consumer demands. Anyone who has smoked sable knows how delicious and decadent it is, and the product adds to the variety of offerings in the premium Echo Falls line.

SeafoodSource: In 2022, what can you tell us Objectives / aspirations of Ocean Beauty’s product portfolio?

Christianson: In 2022, you will see major changes in our range of hot smoked salmon. We’re also making packaging improvements for our Echo Falls line of smoked seafood. I’m not ready to discuss the details yet, but we’ll be announcing these new innovations soon. We will also be adding new, highly innovative products from Captain Findus to strengthen our range.

Photo courtesy of Ocean Beauty


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