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The American Heart Association suggests eating at least two servings of seafood per week, which provide you with essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein. Not only is seafood good for you, it’s also good for the whole family! Getting the health benefits of eating seafood is important, but only about 20% of Americans achieve this, according to the Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

“Seafood is simple, healthy and delicious! They are important for children’s brain development – one of the many reasons I give them to my boys, ”says a registered dietitian. Jessica miller, mother of three children and head of nutritional communications for SNP. “It’s so versatile and cooks quickly, which is what we need to get to games and practices. We love the shrimp tacos, the salmon in the air fryer, and the crab added to the macaroni and cheese. always keep tuna bags in my bag as a backup! “

In this October, National Seafood Month, the Eat Seafood in America! The initiative helps us all achieve our health goals with tips and tasty recipes. Use this simple game plan to help you eat at least 2 of 21 meals a week, it’s easier than you think!

Check out these tips to start your seafood game:

  • Game # 1: Make a Game plan! Start by establishing your schedule for the week to determine when you can incorporate seafood into your meals. With that in mind, make your plan and create a shopping list for the meals you want to try. Take a look at these recipes for lots of seafood inspiration!
  • Game # 2: Stock up on canned and frozen seafood at the grocery store and watch for sales or coupons. Canned seafood is a budget option and can be added (without cooking) to salads, pasta, or other easy dishes. Try this recipe for Mediterranean stuffed peppers using canned tuna!
  • Game 3: Cook once, eat twice! Try doubling down on recipes to get ahead in the kitchen and make dinner or lunch for later. Recipes that freeze well, like stews and casseroles, are great for doubling. Cook an additional piece of fish or more shrimp to use for leftovers on salads or in wraps.
  • Game 4: Seafood is amazing in a deep fryer. Pro tip: salmon cooks in just 8-10 minutes! Other kitchen gadgets like slow cookers and pressure cookers are also great for making seafood meals a snap.
  • Game # 5: Make swaps easy, like using white fish or shrimp in tacos or a salmon patty instead of a burger patty.

For more recipes, ideas and inspiration for eating seafood at least twice a week, visit or follow #EatSeafoodAmerica on social media.

SOURCE Partnership for Seafood Nutrition

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