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TikTok’s ability to create even the most niche has provided the world with a constant stream of trends and challenges to participate in. What we can be sure of is that if this is a trend people will at least give it a try. This is true for food trends, as even the strangest combinations attract the attention of thousands of users. Here are ten of the most recent additions to TikTok’s growing list of food trends.

Honey fermented with garlic:

At first, one might shudder at the idea of ​​combining two seemingly opposing ingredients, but the consensus among many TikTok users is positive. Not only do you get a tasty drizzle for your roasted vegetables, but the immune system benefits and anti-inflammatory effects of garlic and honey will make your body and taste buds very happy.

Worth a try Rating: 5/5

Watermelon and mustard:

I know what you are thinking. It is impossible that these two ingredients are allowed to meet. But watermelon and mustard have proven just how versatile flavors can be. TikTok users report that the tangy, vinegar flavor of mustard pairs perfectly with the sweet, juicy flavor of watermelon.

Worth a try Rating: 4/5

Rolled fruit ice cream:

It’s not hard to imagine how this combination became a trend. After some time in the freezer, the Fruit Roll Up hardens into a crispy layer around the ice cream. What could be better than the creamy sweetness of a vanilla ice cream rolled inside the tangy goodness of a Fruit Roll Up. If you like fruit in your ice cream, this could be the snack foryou.

Worth a try Rating: 5/5

Cold or raw tofu:

Variants of sauces to add are interchangeable, but the main piece is still raw, cold tofu. Some may think that there is no way to consume this spongy white block without frying it or adding it to a soup. But again, the internet has made us aware of ways to enjoy things in a whole new way. Combining a silky cold raw tofu bread with soy sauce, sesame oil, and green onion will give you a refreshing and easy-to-enjoy vegan meal.

Worth a try Rating: 5/5

The Hack Wrap

Tired of all your ingredients falling to the bottom of your wrap? Do you feel like you can never put all your ingredients in? Don’t struggle anymore because TikTok users have provided us with the ultimate wrap hack. What looks like an intricate cut of a tortilla creates the perfectly folded, layered wrap of your dreams. Just add your favorite ingredients and you can enjoy this hack morning or evening.

Worth a try Rating: 3/5

Salmon Rice Bowl

The Salmon Rice Bowl refers to a dish created by food and lifestyle blogger Emily Mariko. This simple recipe features shredded salmon mixed with rice with siracha, mayo sauce, and avocado on top. Her recipe has garnered millions of views, spoofs, and recreations across the platform, so you can be sure this one is worth trying.

Worth a try Rating: 5/5

Dalgona candies

Popularized in America by Netflix’s Squid Game show, dalgona candy, also known as ppopgi, is a popular Korean street food. This treat is a simple mix of brown sugar, corn syrup and baking soda, shaped into a circle with assorted shapes in the middle. The good news is, this crunchy caramel treat isn’t as big as the show suggests. Trace the pattern until it breaks and enjoy the goodness of dalgona honeycomb candy!

Worth a try Rating: 5/5

Raw onions and tomato sauce

Followers of the trend claim that raw onion and tomato sauce are a good alternative to chips and salsa, but this one could be a matter of opinion. The answers seem biased, based mainly on the level at which one appreciates raw onion. Tomato sauce can’t do much for this punchy flavor. Maybe we should ask Shrek.

Worth a try Rating: 2/5

Watermelon Vegan Tuna

The innovation of vegan food to effectively replace the use of meat in our dishes has now given us a new way to enjoy sushi. This recipe plays on the texture of watermelon and the fishy flavor of seaweed. Soaking small pieces of watermelon in a mixture of soy sauce and seaweed has inspired TikTok meat eaters to discover the possibilities of vegan cooking. Pair it with white rice and sesame seeds and you’ve got a vegan tuna roll.

Worth a try Rating: 5/5

Pumpkin bread with homemade pumpkin puree

Just in time for the holiday season, TikTok users have provided us with the best way to whip up this classic treat. In the process, many learned of the existence of a baking pumpkin known as the pie pumpkin. Being sweeter and smaller than carving pumpkins, these squash mix with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice to become the tastiest base for a loaf of pumpkin bread. .

Worth a try Rating: 5/5


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