These International Dishes Are Delicious in Flavor (and Benefits)


From comfort food to exotic delights, these dishes from around the world are enough to bring tears to our eyes.

There is a saying that one thing unites all people: the love of food. Essential to human survival and well-being, eating well has a positive impact on human mental and physical well-being. It has been scientifically proven that eating certain meals can help people feel better. Other than that, with the current issues the world is facing right now, anyone would want some comfort food that could make their day better. So, here are some of the dishes that will make anyone emotional and happy at the same time.

ten Beef stew with vegetables and potatoes

There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of soup on a cold day to keep someone warm and content. However, the comfort level does not stop there, as this dish contains tryptophan and protein – two essential nutrients for maintaining a positive mood. They are both found in lean red meat. Rather than just being delicious, this nutritionally rewarding dinner can include serotonin-boosting potatoes and vitamin-rich vegetables that will make everyone happy. It is a healthy food, perfect for anyone on a diet and/or who wants to taste something comforting.

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9 Macaroni and Cheese

Even though macaroni and cheese from a box is a childhood favorite, it’s one of the popular comfort foods for anyone who grew up eating it. The high levels of vitamin B found in dairy products such as milk and cheese used in this recipe have been linked to various cognitive benefits. In numerous studies, riboflavin (B2), B6 ​​and thiamin (B1) have been shown to improve mood. This dish is made much more potent by adding more cheese and whole grain pasta.

8 canned fish

Whether one likes exotic fish or river fish, eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids overall has many benefits, including: cancer protection, acne treatment and mental well-being. According to recent findings, “friendly” neurotransmitters in the brain can be influenced by omega-3s. In fact, omega three fatty acids, EPA and DHA, help improve brain and neurological system function. This is why consuming fish is always a good idea for anyone suffering from depression. Fish also contains protein and vitamins, among others. Also, if a person is not in the mood to cook for an extended period of time, they can simply consume canned fish.

7 Mashed Potatoes and Turkey

With all the mood-boosting vitamins and minerals that turkey and mashed potatoes have to offer, anyone can eat it whenever they want. In fact, eating potatoes can increase serotonin levels because they are high in complex carbohydrates. Meanwhile, turkey is also known as an appealing food to eat as it provides a wide range of nutrients that help prevent depression and maintain a positive outlook on life. This dish of mashed potatoes and turkey can also be served with spinach or other iron-rich leafy greens.

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6 Salmon And Rice

Salmon is one of the most nutrient dense foods available. Although most don’t consider it a comfort food, experts still believe that salmon is a superfood due to its abundance of vitamins and minerals. Salmon can also help reduce inflammation throughout the body while improving a person’s mood. Salmon can also be paired with brown rice because it contains high levels of magnesium, which may help reduce the risk of developing heart disease and stroke. It is also a rich source of dietary fiber that will lift someone’s mood.

5 Halibut

Halibut, when steamed, contains a considerable amount of protein and has a beneficial effect on serotonin levels. In fact, according to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition titled The satiety index of common foods – which was conducted in Australia – it is also considered one of the most filling foods available on the market. It can also be cooked quickly, which is also convenient. This dish will surely lighten someone’s mood and day when they eat.

4 Grilled mackerel

Mackerel is considered one of the richest suppliers of omega-3 fatty acids. As stated earlier, this type of fat has been associated with reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and inflammation. Other than that, mackerel is a wonderful source of vitamin B-6, which is great news for people looking to find happiness in their lives. This dish can be cooked quickly, as it only needs a very short time to grill. Plus, this dish is perfect for someone who crave seafood.

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3 Oven roasted oysters

Although oysters are best known for their claimed aphrodisiac abilities, they are actually quite good at making people happy in general. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, this shellfish is rich in iron, potassium, and magnesium, all linked to better moods. The best thing to do with oysters when someone doesn’t have time to cook is to put them in the oven and let them sit for a few minutes. Oven roasted oysters are reasonable and will definitely please someone.

2 Steamed Mussels in White Wine Broth

Mussels contain some of the highest natural amounts of vitamin B12, a vitamin that many adults are deficient in due to various factors, such as not eating enough foods that contain it. Mussels also contain trace minerals such as zinc, iodine and selenium, which will also help maintain proper functioning of the thyroid, an important mood regulator. In fact, mussels are one of the healthiest and most nutrient dense foods that can also make someone happy, and they are usually readily available in most markets.

1 seaweed soup

Seaweed soup is an excellent source of iodine, which can help fight depression. This dish is perfect for everyone, because iodine is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid. Apart from that, this dish also contains lots of antioxidants in the form of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and even Vitamin E. and protective pigments. Seaweed also contains other vitamins, such as B1 and B12. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber and even protein..

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