The Faroe Islands, a new gastronomic destination, accessible with Atlantic Airways from Paris


An archipelago of 18 islands with wild expanses as far as the eye can see, the Faroe Islands are full of many treasures. More than 1000 years ago since the arrival of the first settlers on these lands, the Faroese had to come to terms with what they found in their environment and what they imported. At that time, storage and preservation were of particular importance. These traditions still persist today and these ancestral preservation methods are still used, giving rise to dishes with unique and original flavors.

Traditional Faroese cuisine still uses what nature gives it, that is to say fish, a lot, but also lamb meat. It is also internationally recognised, with The Guardian newspaper calling the Faroe Islands “New Nordic Food Frontier“.


One of the local culinary peculiarities is what the Faroese call “ræst”, fermentation. It is the process of drying meat and fish in the open air, which allows an aging or fermentation process. The different flavors and tastes will depend on the climate as well as the temperatures: hotter will spoil the product and too cold will prevent fermentation.

The unique and inimitable taste linked to this technique and associated with the philosophy of using what nature offers is increasingly sought after by gourmets.

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The lamb, the king of the island

With over 75,000 sheep spread across the archipelago, the Faroese have made it one of their favorite dishes. A real star, lamb meat covers an important part of the local diet, it is also on the menu of many restaurants. One of the newcomers, Ræst, is a “fermented restaurant” that offers traditional Faroese dishes, as found on family tables across the country. On the menu: fermented cod, fermented lamb casings and fermented colon on sauerkraut, mustard and croutons!

The islands are always open to the world. Other new restaurants include The Tarv, which elevates the grill to art, and Skeiva Pakkhús, which offers a Faroese-Italian tasting menu.

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Algae cultivation

A flourishing activity in the Faroe Islands, seaweed farming is now increasingly in demand. Many companies and associations grow and harvest seaweed to improve salmon nutrition and also work to produce dried products which are sold to several cafes and restaurants in the Nordic region. There are nearly 500,000 species of algae of which only 10% are listed!

The Faroe Islands from Paris with Atlantic Airlines codeshare with Air France

In winter, French travelers can reach the Faroe Islands via Copenhagen thanks to the partnership with Air France which operates the line between Paris and Copenhagen and Atlantic Airways which operates daily flights between Copenhagen and Vagar on the archipelago. From April 3, 2023, Atlantic Airways will operate 3 direct flights per week between Paris CDG and Vágar (FAE) in codeshare with Air France. In the end, it is throughout the year that daily flights are offered, ideal for enjoying these magnificent panoramas and organizing an original gastronomic getaway in the heart of the North Atlantic!

Founded on March 28, 1988 at Vágar Airport, Atlantic Airways has been the national airline of the Faroe Islands for more than 30 years, an autonomous archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Norway belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark. . It now operates one of the youngest fleets in Europe made up of 3 A320s, including 2 A320neo integrated into the fleet in 2019 and 2020, and 2 Leonardo AW139 helicopters. It provides a regular connection between the Faroe Islands and various cities in Denmark and neighboring countries (Scotland, Iceland and Norway) all year round.

Between May 12 and October 17, 2022, Atlantic Airways operated 2 direct flights per week between Paris CDG and the Faroe Islands. During the winter, the company offers a service via Copenhagen in partnership with Air France. From April 3, 2023, Atlantic Airways will operate 3 direct flights per week between Paris-CDG and Vagar-FAE in codeshare with Air France.

Paris, November 17, 2022


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