Tee Kitchen – Delicious Colombian Chicken, Baked Salmon and Crumble at the Golden Mile Food Centre!


As Singapore’s one and only street vendor selling Colombian chicken, Tee Kitchen has managed to win over the taste buds and bellies of many with its amazing flavors and satisfying portions. Located in the Golden Mile Food Centre, the stand offers its own savory take on the comforting South American dish and equally delicious baked salmon. And, they also have a dessert topped with their delicious Apple Banana Crumble!


The husband and wife team first started with a home-based business selling apple and banana crumble before embarking on the hawker life in 2020. So what inspired them to serve du Colombian chicken? They shared that the recipe actually came from a Colombian family friend who often cooked this same dish at dinner parties.

It became a staple on their own table, before they decided to share it with the world at their humble stand.


Their lean menu includes two mains – Colombian Chicken with Special Rice and Salsa ($5.50) and Baked Salmon with Special Rice and Salsa ($8) – as well as Apple Crumble ($2.50) and Crumble à la banana ($2.50). They also sell jars of Teochew Orh Nee for $28!


Without further ado, let’s start with the main star of the series. The chicken thigh and drumstick were drizzled with a creamy sauce that was both mild and surprisingly flavorful. The slight hint of spice shone through subtly and paired perfectly with the tender chicken which was super easy to pull apart.


Don’t underestimate their dollop of homemade chili – this bright red concoction delivered one hell of a powerful hit that’s sure to win the hearts of spice lovers.


Their special rice was indeed a mystery; minimal as the seasoning was, the chewy grains had me constantly gobbling down spoonful after spoonful. I later learned that it was cooked in olive oil, but that still didn’t explain why it was so mysteriously addictive.


Speaking of addiction, their fresh, homemade salsa had me devouring it even faster than the rice. Spicy and sweet, add it all together with the rice, chicken, and sauce, and you’re golden.


The baked salmon with special rice and salsa was just as amazing as the Colombian chicken. The thick slice of salmon was well cooked with minimal seasoning to emphasize its naturally fresh and clean flavors. It was topped with a garlic butter mixture that included four very distinct different types of herbs. There was a hint of acidity that came from the lemon the salmon was sitting on.


There’s also the option of adding steamed vegetables ($1) to your meal, which mainly consists of broccoli and carrots. Although they don’t stand out in any way, they are the finishing touch to a well-balanced meal. And you know what they say: eat your vegetables, kids.


Be sure to catch their crumble if you can, although it’s only available in limited quantities. Each batch takes 20 minutes to bake and I received mine in its best form – fresh and piping hot. This was especially true for the cinnamon spiced apples in the Apple Crumble which had a punchy mix of acidity.


The crumble on top was mostly crushed cookies and oats, which gave the whole dessert a nice mix of textures. For a slightly sweeter option, the natural sweetness of bananas in Banana Crumble makes it an equally appealing choice.


Tee Kitchen definitely stands out from the usual Golden Mile Food Center crowd with its delicious offerings, especially when it knocked its perfectly executed flavors out of the park. And there’s no better place to enjoy the intimate flavors of Colombian chicken (especially at such an affordable price)!

MissTamChiak.com visited anonymously and paid for her own meal at the booth featured here.

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