Tales of Arise: How to Find Earth Seeds


During the Strong Alcohol quest in Tales of Arise, players must find soil seeds for a lumberjack who wishes to infuse the seeds with alcohol.

After the arrival of the players at Messia 224 in Tales of the Ascension, they will receive the quest “Hard Liquor” from a lumberjack who needs 4x Seeds of Earth to brew alcohol to ward off the cold. Upon completion of this quest, players will receive 700 Gald, 135 SP, and the recipe for making Lohikeitto, a tasty vegetable and salmon soup that grants more enemy drops for 4 minutes. Players can slightly extend the buff duration by 20% with Kisara’s special cooking technique in Tales of the Ascension.

Earth seeds are acquired by killing a certain type of enemy in Tales of the Ascension. Fortunately, players don’t need to travel very far from Messia 224, as the location in Tales of the Ascension in which the seeds can be obtained, is with two regions. Players who make good use of the fast travel system will be able to arrive even faster. Although initially the seeds are used for a quest, they can also be used in crafting.

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To acquire Earth Seeds in Tales of the Ascension, players will need to travel to Ulvhan Cave, Dahnan’s underpass between Calaglia and Cyslodia. While the journey should only take a few minutes on foot from Messia 224, players can quickly get to the start of the White Silver Plains for easy access to the entrance to Ulvhan Cave. Go to the area and look for sprawling mushroom-like creatures called Ropers. These greenish, glowing beasts will drop seeds from the earth after being killed.

How to find soil seeds in Tales of Arise

Tales from the Arise Ropers

Players should be able to acquire enough Earth Seeds for the quest, and possibly more after cultivating a few Ropers. Later, players will travel to Rudhir Forest, another area where the Ropers are located. So, those who have accepted the quest “Hard Liquor”, but have not completed it, can also collect 4x Earth Seeds in Rudhir Forest. After collecting the seeds, return to the lumberjack in Messia 224 to complete the quest.

If a player has a few extra seeds, they can use them to craft Ground Fang, a weapon for Alphen in Tales of the Ascension. The Ground Fang is a sword powered by the astral energy of the earth and can be forged using 2x Earth Seeds and 6x Sharp Fangs. Fangs can be acquired by killing Wolves, Hawks, and Berserkers in the White Silver Plains.

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Tales of the Ascension is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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