Summary of apple and honey recipes


These sweet and savory recipes feature the classic and infallible Rosh Hashanah combination: apples and honey.

(Photo: David Malosh for The New York Times, with food styling by Vivian Lui)

Sweet, cake-like challah makes luxury bread pudding. This one is sprinkled with apple cubes caramelized with honey, then topped with flaked almonds for crunch.

Dutch baby with apple and honey

(Photo: Lennart Weibull / Martha Stewart Living)

Filled with Granny Smith apples, this Dutch baby pancake from Martha Stewart is a perfect fall dish for Rosh Hashanah.

Rugelach Apple Honey

(Photo: Cooking for a while)

These tender cream cheese croissants are filled, you guessed it, with apples and honey! Want a shortcut recipe using store-bought pie crust? Try this one.

Honey-Apple Cake With Pistachio Sugar

(Photo: Anna Williams / Really Simple)

This easy fall recipe is the perfect dessert – and the crust is enhanced with pistachio sugar for a crispy texture and impressive presentation.

Old Fashioned Honey Apples

(Photo: Taste of the house)

This old-fashioned recipe is proven for a reason. Under the raisins for the cranberries, add cinnamon, top with whipped cream or ice cream – the choice is yours!

Grilled Salmon With Balsamic-Honey Apples

(Photo: full stomach)

Grilled salmon fillets are garnished with a simple mix of balsamic vinegar and honey sautéed apples in this 25-minute meal.

Brown Sugar Roulade with Burnt Honey Apples

(Photo: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)

In this recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi, warming cinnamon, burnt honey, sweet apples and tangy orange come together to make a festive dessert.

Apple and Cheddar Scones with Honey Frosting

(Photo: What Jews want to eat)

The cheese in this tasty breakfast recipe balances the sweetness of the apples.

Apple-honey drumsticks

(Photo: Food Network Magazine)

Crispy and delicious, these chicken drumsticks feature a syrupy sauce made with apple juice, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, honey, lemon zest and red pepper flakes.

Honey Cinnamon Fries

(Photo: Homemade for Her)

Top these soft, caramelized apples with vanilla ice cream for an easy, sweet treat.

Bloomin 'Brie apples with honey and nuts

(Photo: Cupcakes and kale chips)

In this aperitif (gluten-free!), The melting brie oozes between the “petals” of fruit and nuts sweetened with honey.

Puff pastry tarts with honey iced apples

(Photo: Brian Leatart / Bon appétit)

These simple apple pies, made with frozen puff pastry, are perfect with vanilla ice cream.

Olive oil, honey and apple cake

(Photo: pickled plum)

Wow your guests with this French dessert with a sophisticated taste (and looks!): It’s floral, sweet and a little tart.

Apple and honey cookies

(Photo: The Monday Box)

These cookies are soft and chewy – they get their sweet apple flavor from apple butter and are topped with honey frosting and decorative sugar for a little crunch.

Salted Honey and Caramelized Apple Tartlet

(Photo: Lior Mashiach / food)

This mouth-watering pie features a rich honey custard in a homemade pie crust, topped with Golden or Red Delicious apples.


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