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January 12, 2022

Associates in Environmental Sciences


Environmental Science Associates (ESA), an environmental planning, engineering and consulting firm, announced that Susan cunningham will oversee the entire Northwest region in her new role as Director of the Biological Resources and Land Management business group. Cunningham will lead a team of 23 employee-owners at ESA offices in Seattle, Portland and Bend. With a 31-year career, Cunningham’s expertise in natural resources, land use and regulatory compliance spans multiple market sectors including water, aviation, energy, transportation and natural resource management.

As Director of ESA’s Oregon Business Group for the past six years, she has managed multidisciplinary teams to deliver complex infrastructure projects in both built and natural environments. Cunningham is skilled in preparing National Environmental Policy Act documents, biological assessments, permit application files and all types of natural resource assessments.

Cunningham’s leadership was particularly focused on managing the complex infrastructure of land use and transportation enabling challenges in Oregon and other jurisdictions. For example, under an 18-year contract with the City of Portland’s Environmental Services Office, she obtained the permit and approval to stabilize two main sewer lines crossing the Willamette River while navigating the an EPA Superfund website and Endangered Species Act regulations for listed salmon. protection.

In his new leadership role for the Pacific Northwest region, Cunningham will integrate the team of fisheries and wildlife biologists, wetland scientists, conservation planners and quality specialists. water in Oregon and Washington State. She will support the team’s ongoing work in transportation and airports, conservation planning and restoration design with a strong focus on salmon recovery, and pursue more opportunities in energy markets and some water. Cunningham was recognized outside of ESA for her contributions to her field, including being named Consultant of the Year in 2020 by the Oregon Airport Management Association for her work in preparing for an environmental assessment that encompassed several projects of Rogue Valley-Medford capital improvement plan. International airport. She is also an active member of the Women Transportation Seminar. Cunningham received his BSc in Biology from the University of Oregon.


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