Salmon recipe with crushed avocado and tomato salsa


If you like salmon or trout, this salmon recipe will definitely get a big boost from you. Combined with crushed avocado and tangy tomato salsa, this recipe will have you falling in love with salmon again.

This recipe from the Silwood School of Cookery includes a homemade Cajun spice recipe. A taste of this mouth-watering Cajun spice and you’ll be hooked for life. No store-bought Cajun spice will ever be able to satisfy your taste buds again.

Little cooking time is required for this salmon recipe although you should make sure to “blacken” the salmon in a pan just before serving as explained in the recipe method.

Additionally, serve the salmon with mashed avocado to make sure you’re getting all of the fatty acids your body needs. And finally, top your dish with a delicious tomato salsa.

If you like to experiment with recipes, try this recipe with chicken breasts. Your taste buds will be delighted!

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