Royal Family LIVE: Beatrice’s ‘risky move’ towards Andrew and Queen called ‘shocking’ | royal | News


Footage from the Duke of Edinburgh’s service shows Princess Beatrice, 33, in tears as her father, the Duke of York, accompanied the Queen to her seat at Westminster Abbey. The princess was spotted at one point hiding behind a service sheet, before standing quietly as others around her sang, looking like she was trying to hold back tears.

We could then see the mother of one of them rummaging through her handbag for a handkerchief, before hiding her face again.

Body language expert Judi James described her actions as “shocking” and “more than a little confusing”, and noted that it stood in direct contrast to her sister Eugenie’s response.

She claims hiding her face would send a “very complicated message” as often hiding can “suggest shame”.

Judi told the Mirror: “We saw how Beatrice was overcome with tears after her father arrived with her mother and the Queen took her place before her, but Beatrice’s response when he walked away first refined was equally shocking and more than a little confusing.

“As the Queen and Andrew walked to Royal Family level for the first time, Eugenie seemed to peek from an angle that meant she could see her father in her peripheral vision. After spotting him , she seemed to turn her gaze forward.

“Beatrice, however, already seemed to have her face hidden by her order of service. She performed this full ritual of face covering and protection after her tears once the Queen and her father were in position, but hiding her face then that they would come in. sent a very complicated message.

“For anyone aware of the sisters’ streak of loyalty, it would have been seen as hiding tears of relief and joy at what looked like her reappearing in public, but when we hide we can also suggest shame, making it a risky public gesture.”



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