Operational update: First basin filled, test of basin functions and laminar water flow


Andøya, November 17, 2021

– First swimming pool filled to the maximum water level

– Solid technical test results

– The next step is to test the laminar water flow

The first pool was technically ready to be filled with water a few months ago. However, the main objective of this extensive testing program is to test the functions of the pool with seawater, various equipment and components such as power adapters, sensors and the filtration system of the discharge water.

“The testing period, which started several weeks ago, is a step-by-step process to gain knowledge and understand how the pool and equipment react to seawater – both inside and out. outside the pool. We are very satisfied with the test results to date, ”says Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon AS.

As part of the extensive testing program, the water level in the first Andfjord Salmon basin reached its highest level this week. In the future, the pool will be tested at various stages of filling, and further equipment tests will be carried out in the coming weeks.

“We have been testing the pool for several weeks and so far everything looks perfect. We filled the pool step by step and tested the discharge function throughout. This week the water is at its maximum level, ”explains Rasmussen.

Laminar water flow

Laminar water flow testing, which is at the heart of Andfjord Salmon’s patented continuous flow technology, is the next step. A continuous flow system with laminar water flow dramatically reduces energy consumption and associated costs, as there is no need to lift, filter or heat seawater. Simply because the Seawater is clean and maintains a perfect temperature as it comes directly from the Atlantic Gulf stream that enters Andfjorden, which is adjacent to the Andfjord Salmon facility. In addition, the water intake is at a level where lice and algae do not exist.

Other swimming pools

The basin, which is 20 meters deep, will contain more than 1,000 tonnes of salmon. The plan is to release the smolts in the second quarter of next year. But the current test phase is also part of the preparation for the upcoming extension of additional fish swimming pools in Kvalnes.

“The knowledge we gain from testing the first pool will be of great benefit to the future construction and use of our other pools in Kvalnes. The main advantage of a long test period for the first pool is that we can reduce the time, costs and execution risk when developing the next pools, ”concludes Martin Rasmussen.


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