October fishery looks promising


BIG RAPIDS – It’s October, but fishermen are expecting a great month.

In Mecosta County, Vic Havens at Frank Sporting Goods in Morley, reports that fishermen catch a lot of perch and walleye in the river. A fisherman caught a 15 ½ inch pole. Anglers also caught jumbos near Newaygo State Park.

Anglers in Frankfort reported a few chinooks in the bay and between the jetty heads, but most of the chinooks entered the river. Platte Bay produced fresh coho, MNR said.

Bill Labelle, of the Frankfort Tackle Box, said few anglers have been to the bay recently, but there has been success in the lakes and rivers in the area.

“There aren’t a lot of people fishing right now,” said Dewey Buchner, of Don’s Sporting Goods. “They are mainly at Tippy Dam. At the Manistee river, they harvest a lot of salmon.

MNR reported that a shelf up to 200 feet of water produced a few coho and small chinook salmon on spoons in Manistee.

Anglers and harbor trolling boats were catching freshwater drums and a few black salmon. Money worked better to catch the freshwater drum from the piers, the DNR added.

“It’s going pretty well,” said Rob Eckerson of Pappy’s Bait Store in Wellston. “We have fish on gravel under the Tippy Dam. The water temperature was 61, the last I have seen. We are at low speed. The clear sky however made day fishing a bit. Others also fish for panfish at Portage Lake and Manistee Lake. “

A few coho and small chinooks have been captured off Sable Point with spoons, MNR said.

Cory Houser of Captain Chuck’s in Ludington said the fishermen were catching fish 12 miles offshore with a mixed bag of rainbow trout, 2 and 3 years old. There have been cohos.

“I haven’t heard too much about the pike and inland sunfish or walleye report,” Houser said. “Everyone’s going after the salmon in the river.

In Petoskey, MNR said there were some good runs of salmon in the Bear River, but the fishing was inconsistent. Anglers were catching chinook and coho mainly from the dam downstream, MNR said.

The fishermen used flies, artificial unique eggs and spawns in the river. Anglers also caught a few chinook and coho salmon at the mouth of the river and at the ends of the piers.

Anglers used spawning bags and skeins near the river and threw bait and spoons on the docks. Bright colors and light up spoons / lures worked best on the piers and docks in Petoskey near sunset and sunrise and at night.

Fishing Tip: Go Fish “Hunting” This Fall

Courtesy of Michigan DNR

Fall can be one of the best times of the year to search for your favorite fish species for a fun day of fishing. Several species to target in October and November include walleye, perch and trout.

Walleye are believed to be in their best condition in the fall and are often found in the mouths of rivers of large inland lakes. They congregate there to enjoy the baitfish that like to hang out when the weather gets colder. Set your sights 10 to 12 feet deep to find these guys.

Perch also populates around these same river mouths, but these fish will likely be much closer to the river than walleye. Check depths as shallow as 4 feet to find them.

Trout, available in some of these large lakes during this time as well, can be found in the same areas as walleye and yellow perch.

Try your hand at some great fishing this fall. For more information on the many fall opportunities, visit Michigan.gov/Fishing.

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