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NOW Leeton’s JumpStart Fund has been saved from extinction, the new committee behind the organization has big ideas and hard work ahead. The new executive was elected recently at a crisis annual general meeting for JumpStart, which had a motion on the books for the group to go on vacation. However, following an earlier public meeting, the residents came together and found a way to keep the group going. Among those helping to do this is the new executive made up of Grace Capaldi as president, Amy Salmon as secretary and Rachel Cody as treasurer. The committee and its volunteers still have a lot of work to do, but the future looks bright, according to Ms. Capaldi. IN OTHER NEWS: “Fundraising is definitely the next step for us,” she said. “You need to get funds in the pot because it’s very empty right now.“ We know that with COVID it’s been difficult, but we have to go back. ”For almost 20 years, the organization has been helping many Leeton County residents in urgent need. JumpStart was established in 2003 to assist citizens in emergency situations when accidents, sudden illness or any unforeseen circumstance caused hardship in their financial situation. Born of two Separate fundraising campaigns for people with serious illnesses, JumpStart has since provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to the people of Leeton. The fund was funded by the efforts of a fundraising group and was administered by a evaluation committee.This practice was to ensure that those who collected the money did not participate in the disbursement of the money in order to keep the charity as fair as possible to those who request it. “Ms. Capaldi said.” We need to engage the whole community again. “The sustainability of JumpStart is also a priority for the future, according to Vice President Sue Gavel.” We need to put processes and policies in place. appropriate, “she said.” Even go out and find grants for something like a coordinator or part-time coordinator for the group, so it’s not such a burden on the committee. ” committee are always welcome to be part of the process, with the “many hands doing light work” certainly saying essential for fundraising. Residents can also find more information about the organization by searching for Leeton JumpStart Fund on Facebook and joining the group. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how to access our trusted content:



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