Nanaimo salmon farm set to experience massive expansion


Victoria –

Nanaimo’s Taste of BC Aquafarms has become a world leader in terrestrial salmon farming and is poised to expand its business globally.

“We’ve spent the past nine years developing a prototype and proving the technology to grow rainbow trout on land,” says Steve Atkinson, Managing Director of Taste of BC Aquafarms.

To date, the company can produce 100 tonnes of rainbow salmon per year at its Nanaimo site. With expansion to various locations on Vancouver Island and overseas, the company expects production to increase to 20,000 tonnes per year.

“Today, we are the only ones who have actually been able to meet our production goals and regularly raise fish to market profitably,” said Atkinson.

It takes about twelve months from egg to harvest to produce a two-kilogram Rainbow Salmon.

Every aspect of the salmon’s life cycle over the twelve months is scrutinized.

“From swim speed to lighting, how do you feed them, when do you feed them, what do you feed them with,” Atkinson adds.

Once expanded, the operation plans to raise different species of Pacific salmon, such as chinook and coho.


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