Michigan’s Best Local Eats: Mylan’s Waterfront Grille features “vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients”


MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI – Mylan’s Waterfront Grille has been serving fresh, flavorful dishes with a seafood focus in the Whitehall and Montague area since 2019.

The restaurant is owned by two Montague brothers, Myles and Landon Montgomery, who were young entrepreneurs who already had a few businesses under their belt when they explored the restaurant business.

A restaurant was a departure from their other businesses which included a car wash and DJ service, but Myles and Landon, 22 and 20 respectively, combined their names to form Mylan and made their grille at the edge of water a reality.

With everything from fresh seafood, pastas, steaks to hearty appetizers and salads, this lake view restaurant is described as a hidden gem in downtown Whitehall at 115 N Mears Ave. The varied menu is highlighted on the website for its “vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients.”

“We’re a waterfront restaurant, so my brother and I have an indulgence toward a more seafood-driven menu,” Landon Montgomery said. “Over the past few years we’ve had a huge demand for our patio because we overlook both White Lake and the river that connects the two sides of the restaurant.”

The company shared its summer menu on Facebook this week. The owners also promote Mylan’s craft cocktails that people can pair with a meal.

Alongside recurring classics, customers can expect new menu items like Salmon Cakes ($12.95), featuring a delicious mix of fresh Atlantic salmon, seared until tender. either golden, with herbs and citrus on a fresh corn and pepper salad, and a lemon wedge on the side.

Montgomery said he can never go wrong with the chicken parmesan dish ($16.95). Tenderized chicken breast is breaded in crumbled basil parmesan on a bed of marinara linguini and topped with fresh mozzarella with garlic ciabatta bread on the side.

The pasta bayou ($20.95), another menu classic, also returns for the summer. Loaded with Louisiana-based flavors, the dish comes with lobster, shrimp, sausage, peppers, onions, and penne noodles tossed with Mylan’s Cajun alfredo. Topped with parmesan, chives and lemon, this savory dish also comes with garlic ciabatta bread.

“I know, for this year we’re bringing back our fried asparagus ($11.45) for the summer because we’re right by Lake Shelby and around that area,” Montgomery said. “It generally sold well for us. We try to source products locally from either farms or local suppliers.

Last year, Montgomery said he began growing herbs in front of the company, using fresh cilantro and parsley as garnishes or recipes.

“We’re in a seasonal community, so we have our locals and regulars, but we’re also a tourist area,” Montgomery said. “You will see that our off-season numbers are low, then higher in the summer with all the tourists. It’s a crazy and glaring difference. So at this time of year, it just doesn’t hit the same.

For next summer, he said they plan to change the landscaping around the restaurant. Traditionally, the business had a walk-up with mulch complementing the wraparound deck.

This year the plan is to remove all mulch areas to expand the deck to a lower level and replace the mulch areas with beach sand, garden games and live music. The company will also offer barbecue specialties every Wednesday.

“People can hang out, have a drink or an appetizer while they play games or wait for a table,” Montgomery said. “So it’s going to be a very different walk-in experience than we’ve ever had in the past.”

With over 160 bottles of premium whiskey, gin and tequila, Mylan’s continues to be one of the best places on the water to grab a drink. Mylan’s offers a wide selection of wines, cocktails, and a variety of beers mostly made in Michigan.

Starting Wednesday, June 1, customers can enjoy live music through Labor Day. Montgomery said more details can be found soon on the the restaurant’s facebook page.

The Waterfront Grille at Mylan is open Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Contact the restaurant at (231) 894-0947.

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