March 6 Letters to the Editor, Part 4: What Our Readers Say | Opinion


On February 20, Brian Rhoades – the Genesee complainer – exploded with venom towards the opinion editors of the Lewiston Tribune, with particular contempt for Richard Eggleston. Rhoades claimed that the writers had spread “proven misinformation”.

If Rhoades had cited a single instance of “proven misinformation,” he might have made the case. But he did not do it. Waging war without ammunition – not smart.

As no citations were offered, it revealed: a) the emptiness of his attack and b) that his rant is nothing but anger – perhaps because today’s left-wing crazies don’t get only 80% of their requests.

Rhoades claims that because the Tribune publishes articles by Dennis Prager, Marvin F. Dugger, Bob Hassoldt, and Eggleston, it fuels “…hate, rhetoric, and misinformation that…divide” Americans.

Color me innocent, but with no “proven misinformation” details, it’s obvious that Rhoades is spreading misinformation himself. Any reasonable person would expect that after accusing four writers of spreading “disinformation”, he could come up with an example.

Without proof, Rhoades simply certifies that he relies on social media for “information” – not smart (see Doonesbury, February 20).

Nonetheless, sympathy is felt for Rhoades, who never protests the outrageous lies and misinformation of Dana Milbank, Eugene Robinson, EJ Dionne, Marty Trillhaase, et al. He does not know that he has been conditioned. Result – he and his conditioned companions accept lies and misinformation as the truth.

Esau traded his birthright for stew. Rhoades traded his critical thinking ability for a “good boy” and a pat on the head from the establishment.

As a longtime Democratic voter for state and national elections, I was asked to write President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address as follows:

1. If major cities run out of gas or if gas reaches $10 a gallon, the government will step in to limit this situation.

2. If we still have many migrants crossing our southern borders, we will not build any more walls, but we will ensure that those picked up by Homeland Security are sent by bus or plane to major cities. We will allow cities to bear the housing costs of migrants from the south.

3. If Russia attacks all of Ukraine, I promise that we will not send any American soldiers to Ukraine. We have lost enough soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

4. I promise that the US government will never use nuclear weapons against Russia, even if Russia uses its nuclear weapons against other countries.

5. If American and Canadian truckers decide to block American highways to prevent trade, I will revoke their trucker’s license for five years. With no income for truckers, this should prevent them from blocking trade routes.

6. The US government will provide BB guns to all police forces in the city to stop crime and shoplifting.

7. As of April 1, all schools and businesses will be open to anyone who has three vaccinations and wears their mask when leaving their homes.

God bless all Americans, including conservatives, white supremacist groups, and immigrants with US citizenship ID cards.

Citizens for the Preservation of Fish and Dams are right. The lower Snake River has never been a major spawning ground producer for rainbow trout and salmon. Why do you think they named the Salmon River for salmon? It is one of the main producers of wild fish.

The 10-year average number of fish when it reaches Lower Granite Dam is not much different from the number at Ice Harbor, the first dam on the Snake. The number of fish at McNary, the last dam on the Columbia River before the Snake, was 131,333.

The number of fish at Ice Harbor Dam was 98,604.

This leaves 32,729 heading further up the Columbia and 92,712 past Lower Granite to ascend the Snake.

So tell me: are the Lower Snake River Dams causing the fish to become extinct or is some group trying to brainwash you into thinking something different from the real facts?

If Governor Jay Inslee and Senator Patty Murray study the facts, there are 22 hydroelectric dams on the Snake River. Fifteen are in Idaho. Three are on the Idaho-Oregon border and none of them have a fish ladder. The four in Washington have state-of-the-art fish ladders. These dams produce more than 1,100 megawatts of electricity and water withdrawals that irrigate 3.8 million acres.

John McKern, a retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist, wrote in 2015, “Overexploitation and loss of spawning habitat due to upstream dams and human activities occurred before the lower dams were built. of the Snake River. … ”


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