Kennebec dams stand in the way of our future


Having lived in the Connecticut River Valley as well as the Merrimack River Watershed for many years before moving to Maine, I am well aware of the lack of endangered Atlantic salmon in our rivers. We have wiped out salmon and many other migratory species by damming and polluting our rivers, wiping out an entire food web and sustainable way of life.

Our state of Maine cannot afford to let the financial interests of a foreign company like Brookfield Renewables take precedence over our long term strategies to develop and manage much needed fishing practices on the Kennebec River. Our climate is changing and presenting challenges for fish species in Maine. For fish to survive these challenges, we need sound management of our rivers and oceans.

We need to enforce our hard-fought laws like the Endangered Species Act and the Magnuson Fisheries and Conservation Management Act as they are intertwined and aimed to protect our fish from special interest groups. strangers like Brookfield who have clearly violated these migratory species. in their facilities, in addition to other transgressions. It is time they were held accountable.

We call on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to recognize what is in the best interest of the State of Maine. Many livelihoods depend on our careful planning. It is time that we surrender the “rite of passage” and the “right of passage” to Atlantic salmon and all the other migratory species of our Kennebec River if we are to aspire to move forward as a species in these. uncertain times.

Four dams on our Kennebec River between Waterville and Skowhegan stand in the way of a healthy ecological future for all of us and should be removed.

Charlotte fischer


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