How to Take the BLT Combination Beyond the Sandwich


Certain principles of the BLT must be respected. Food critic Mimi Sheraton says the bacon should be fried and crispy, the lettuce should be fresh and simple (skip the iceberg, opt for leaf or butter lettuce) and the tomato slices should be very thin. With all of your ingredients assembled, add them to another carb.

Crunchy Creamy Sweet recommend the BLT pasta. The recipe combines chopped bacon, lettuce, tomato and a pinch of diced red onion, in a bowl of cooked farfalle pasta. The dish is finished with a mayo-based dressing, with ranch dressing and sour cream to add creaminess. Of course, opt for the pasta shape of your choice: shells, balls or tube pasta go perfectly with thick sauces. All of this can be served with steak, salmon, shrimp, or your choice of protein.

If you’re not a pasta lover, try a BLT Baked Potato as a side dish. The pioneer woman suggests chopping all the bases for the BLT while a potato is in the oven and turning tender and brown. Again, this ends with a buttermilk sauce made with mayonnaise. If you want to keep it simple and stick to the sandwich, switch to a bun, add some beef or chicken, and fashion yourself a BLT burger (via My recipes). In the end, it’s all about creativity. Think about your favorite carbs and imagine how bacon, lettuce, and tomato fit into the equation. Pizza BLT? Why not!


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