How to make your own recipe


Hello. Cook a recipe once and you play a replay. Bake it four or five times, however, and you’re playing a new arrangement, albeit relatively faithful to the original.

This has been the case for me with Rick Martinez’s recipe for Grilled Chicken Tagine (above). I first made it as Rick planned and loved it as a filling for sandwiches, with grilled scallions, cilantro and pickled jalapeños. But the second time I reduced the honey by about half and doubled the Tajín. The third time I added more heat with an extra chipotle and used the sauce to marinate the chicken for about an hour before grilling. And now it’s my jam. That’s how I do like Miley Cyrus singing Hole’s”doll parts.”

I hope you do the same. That’s why we’re here, after all: to offer step-by-step instructions to follow, plus the encouragement and confidence you need to make food that’s all yours.

Cook Rick’s chicken yourself and see where you end up. I know I will continue to do this until Labor Day at least.

Now, this has nothing to do with wild salmon or farmed shrimp, but please read this remarkable Times investigation into the deep roots of Haiti’s misery, dating back to the reparations France forced the nation to make. pay after ousting his slavers. It is breathtaking in its pain and erudition.

I’m way behind, but the stakes are low and the scenery beautiful in “northern woods law“, on Hulu.

In Granta, Amy Key”A bleed of blue” left me feeling sad, but I’m glad I read it.

Finally, the essential Jon Pareles put me on this collaboration between the Trinidadian singer Calypso Rose, the Collectif Garifuna and Carlos Santana, “Watina.” Listen to this while you grill chicken, and I’ll be back Friday.


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