How to Make Sake Sushi at Disney Dreamlight Valley


Not to be confused with maki sake, sushi sake is a 2-star recipe in Disney Valley of Dreams used to restore energy or complete the objective of a friendship quest or assignment for Dreamlight or the seasonal Star Path. Requiring only two ingredients, this entree isn’t difficult to cook, but players may struggle if they don’t know where to get the required items. After all, the The valley is full of resources, so finding the right ingredients for each recipe can be a challenge. Keep reading to learn how to make sushi sake by Disney Valley of Dreams.

Sake Sushi Recipe at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sake Sushi Recipe at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cook the sake Sushi recipe in Disney Valley of Dreams, Dreamers need Salmon ×1 and Rice ×1. Salmon is a fish that can be caught in the water sources of specific biomes, and rice is a grain that can be grown from seeds purchased from an early play area in the valley.


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IGN declares that the salmon in Disney Valley of Dreams can be fished in the waters of the Sunny Plateau and Frosty Heights. The Sunny Plateau is the area west of Plaza. It contains several valuable resources and several quest items, such as the pink bromeliad flower for the “The singing ice cream“Quest for friendship. To enter the Sunny Plateau, players will need 7,000 Dreamlight for Merlin to remove the Night Thorns blocking the entrance. Alternatively, players can head to Frosted Heights, which sits above the Forest of Valor. Both of these biomes become accessible once players have spent a total of 13,000 Dreamlight to unlock them. Since salmon aren’t the only fish that reside in the sunny plateau and frosty heights, it may take players several tries before they get the right catch.

Next, Rice is a crop that can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Trust Glade, according to sportskeeda. The Trust Glade is one of the Hardwood locations in the valley and can be accessed after paying Merlin 5,000 Dreamlight. Once the dreamers catch a salmon and buy some rice, they can visit any cook in the world and cook sake sushi in Disney Valley of Dreams.

Disney Valley of Dreams is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: IGN | sportskeeda


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