Healthy meals for every type of wellness goal 2022


Trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle in the New Year can be tough, especially once you hit that mid-January slump. But having a solid framework of fresh ingredients and tasty recipes can be the boost you need to get you back on track. It’s there that blue apron arrives – it’s a subscription meal service that delivers everything you need to start cooking, right to your doorstep.

Apart from its standard offerings, Blue Apron has collaborated with nutritionists to create a set Wellness card so you can keep your holistic health in mind while learning to cook. Think: cuts of turkey and mushrooms for a low-calorie dinner, marinated chicken thighs in lemon and oregano for someone following a Mediterranean diet, or even a pan of chicken with harissa and honey for those who are looking to simplify their dishes of the week. Still not sure what to make for dinner tonight? Keep scrolling to find a meal that will guide you through your wellness journey in 2022.


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