Flatfish farmer celebrates 50 years in business


Stolt Marine Farm was founded in 1972 in Norway, where it quickly became the leading supplier of juvenile salmon to the emerging salmon industry. From there, it extended its production lines to other species such as sea bream, sea bass, sturgeon, caviar, tuna and the company’s two main products, turbot and sole. By 2007, Stolt Sea Farm had reached an annual turbot production capacity of 4,000 tonnes, consolidating its market leadership position.

Stolt Sea Farm remains the leading producer of sustainably farmed turbot and sole, with annual production capacities of 5,700 tonnes of turbot and 1,570 tonnes of sole.

During this pivotal year, celebrations – such as open days at selected farms – are planned.

Jordi Trias, President of Stolt Sea Farm, said: “Building the Stolt Sea Farm that we are today took patience, care, commitment and passion – day after day, for 50 years. We are extremely proud to celebrate this historic anniversary and are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this success over the years, including our employees, suppliers, customers, consumers and shareholders.

Stolt Sea Farm is headquartered in Santiago de Compostela and has production sites in Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Norway and France.

The company’s three sustainability commitments are: to produce healthy and responsibly grown seafood; guarantee the traceability of these products and the sustainable origin of its food; and respecting workers, local communities and the environment.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our heritage and our longevity. Ultimately, our company’s goal is to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy wonderful seafood,” Trias said.


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