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Three fishing flies are on display at Art 321 in October as part of the organization’s fiber arts exhibit. The flies are by Marvin Nolte, a traditional fly tyer who lives in Bar Nunn.

Marie Steurer

As he comes from a family of pearl makers, Dewey didn’t have too much trouble learning the skill, he said. The hardest part is deciding on a design.

“It’s hard to get the color combinations you want,” he said.

The patterns and styles of beads have been passed down by the northern Arapaho for generations, he said. The patterns usually reflect nature: they represent things like animals, mountains or trees.

Torske is a returning guest of the fiber arts show.

She has long taught courses in the discipline, most notably at Casper College, and co-founded Crossroads Quilters, a local chapter of Quilts of Valor, a nonprofit group that makes quilts for veterans.

This year’s exhibit shows the quilts Torske and his students made in honor of beloved Sue Garman, who died in 2017.

The quilts follow one of Garman’s patterns called “Halo Medallion Quilt,” Torske said. They were made with an advanced technique called “paper piecing”, which is used to put together delicate geometric shapes.

“It’s kind of a tedious and complicated process,” Torske said.

Some fishing flies made by Torske are also on display.

In addition to Nolte, Dewey and Torske, the show features a handful of other artists from the region across a wide range of media: crochet art, surface stitching, batik. Some of the parts are available for sale.


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