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This holiday weekend, take the time to get out and enjoy the trails before the snow completely fills them. It’s a tricky time just before there is enough snow to start taking out the skis and snowboards, but many campgrounds and trails are already closed. Fortunately, the areas south of Bend always have something to offer. Expect balmy weather this weekend, but always be prepared for sudden changes in the weather if you venture outside.

Deschutes National Forest

Benham East Trailhead: Open

Benham West Trailhead: Open

Boyd Cave Day Use Area: Open

Charlton Lake Trailhead: Open; slight dead end

Coral Swamp Trailhead: Open; slight dead end

Crane Prairie Picnic Area: Open; the lake currently has an algae bloom

Cultus Lake and Winopee trails: Open; uneven snow with possible fall

Elk Lake Trailhead: Open; slight dead end

Horse Butte trailhead: open; slight dead end above Swamp Wells Horse Camp near junction to Crater Rim

Irish and Taylor Lakes Trailhead: Open

Jack Lake Trailhead: Open; uneven snow with possible fall

Lava Butte Interpretive Point of View: Open

Lava Camp Lake Trail Starting Point: Open

Lava Flow Forest Trail Starting Point: Open

Daytime use of the lava island: open

Lava lands: open; Visitor center closed for the season, trails still open

Lucky Lake Trailhead: Open; recent disconnection, the track must be clear

Many Lakes Trailhead: Open; uneven snow with possible fall

Meek Lake Trail: open; patchy snow with five good sized trees across the trail before the junction with the Summit Lake trailhead

Metolius-Windigo: Open; uneven snow

North Twin navigation area: Open

Peter Skene Ogden Trailhead: Open; possible snow near Lake Paulina

Phil’s starting point: open; clear

Six Lakes Trailhead: Open; dead end

South Twin Day Use – Launch: Open

Summit Lake: Open; uneven snow with possible fall

Sun Lava Trail Starting Point: Open; intensive use on weekends

Daytime use with sunset view: open

Tenino nautical site: open

Daytime use of Tranquil Cove: Open

Wake Butte trailhead: open

Starting point of the Winopee trail: open; clear at junction with PCT

Deschutes National Forest – Diamond Peak Wilderness

Fawn Lake Trail: Open; uneven snow with possible fall

Whitefish Creek Trail: Open

Yoran Lake Trail: open; uneven snow with possible fall

Willamette National Forest – Diamond Peak Wilderness

Bear Mountain Trail: open

Corrigan Lake Trail: Open

Hemlock Butte Trail: Open

Pioneer Gulch Trail: Open

Willamette National Forest – Lake Waldo Wilderness Area

Abernethy-Deer Creek Trailhead: Open

Betty Lake Trailhead: Open

Betty Lake Trailhead: Open

Bobby Lake Trailhead: Open

Bunchgrass Trailhead – Lower: Open

Bunchgrass Trail Starting Point – Top: Open

Cupit Mary Meadow Trail: Open

Devil’s Garden Trailhead: Open

Starting point of the Erma Bell trail: open

Fuji Mountain Trailhead at Gold Lake Trailhead: Open

Gander Lake Trailhead Trailhead: Open

Gold Lake Day Use Area: Open

Helen Lake Trailhead Trailhead: Open

High Divide Trailhead: Open

Jim Weaver Loop Trailhead (Waldo Lake Trail): Open

Koch Mountain Trail Starting Point: Open

Starting point of the Marilyn Lakes trail: open

North Waldo Day Use Area: Open

Salmon Lakes – Mount Waldo Trailhead Trailhead: Open

Spirit Lake-Waldo Meadows Trailhead: Open

Swan Lake Trail Starting Point: Open

Twin Peak Trailhead: Open

Whig and Torrey Way Trailhead: Open

Winchester Ridge Trailhead: Open

Land Management Office

ACEC Black Hills: Open; climbing and geocaching are prohibited

Christmas Valley Sand Dunes: open

Crack in the ground: open

ACEC Fossil Lake: Open; motor vehicles and fossil collection prohibited

Lost Forest: Open, vehicles are limited to designated roads only

Fort Rock State Natural Area: open; closed rock climbing in the southeast area to protect nesting hawks; canceled cave visits

Deschutes National Forest

Lava lake campsite: open

North Twin Lake Campground: Open

Crater Rim: Ride well; dead end signaled

All other trails are doing well

New reports needed on Leap of Faith

Maiden Lake: patchy snow with possible fall

Betty Lake, Bobby Lake, Charlton Lake # 3593, Cultus Lake Loop, Gold Lake, Twins: Riding Well

Mount Fuji, South Waldo Lake: passable snow

All other trails are doing well with a reported deadfall

Updated at 9 a.m. on November 22

Upper falls at Benham Falls: 424 cfm; rainbow trout, brown trout; fishing closed until May 22, 2022

Fall River: brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout; good fishing throughout the river; fly fishing with barbless hooks only

Crane Prairie Reservoir: 69% full; brook trout, kokanee, largemouth bass, rainbow trout; algae blooms; good fishing but higher water temperatures, trout will stay in deeper water; must release wild rainbow trout

Wickiup tank: 17% full; Deschutes Arm is closed from the boat launch at Gull Point to the ODFW markers upstream of Sheep’s Bridge

East Lake: Brown trout, kokanee, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon; good fishing but the water temperatures are warm; the water level is lower for this time of year, it can be difficult to launch larger boats

Lac Paulina: Kokanee, rainbow trout and brown trout; good kokanee and brown trout fishing

Twin Lake North: Rainbow trout; good fishing reported

South Twin Lake: Rainbow trout; good fishing reported

Davis Lake: rainbow trout and largemouth bass; the water level is low and it may be difficult to launch larger boats; Fair Trade Largemouth Bass Fishing; fly fishing only; fair fishing, catch and release for trout, no size or number limit for warm water fish

Lava lake: rainbow trout; algae blooms; recent reports are mixed, should improve when water quality does not

Little Lava Lake: Rainbow trout, brook trout and whitefish; best methods are baits, lures and flies still caught or trolling

Cultus Lake: Mackinaw, Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout; trolling depths for mackinaw and shallower areas for rainbows

Lac Hosmer: Brook trout, cutthroat and rainbow trout; fly fishing and capture and release only with barbless hooks; good fishing reported

Elk Lake: brook trout and kokanee; jigging, coarse fishing and trolling from a boat or fly fishing are best

Lac Diamant: trout; all brown and tiger trout must be returned to the water; the trout fishing was good on lures; if you catch one that’s over 20 inches, take it to the marina to participate in a raffle

Crescent Lake: 9% infill; kokanee, mackinaw, rainbow trout and fario, whitefish and chub; one lake trout per day, 24 inches minimum; fishing is bad; the lake level is extremely low, the equipped ramps are not available for launching boats

Lake Waldo: Nautical restricted to electric motors or non-motorized boats

Lac Odell: lake trout, kokanee, rainbow trout; good kokanee fishing with some big fish caught; 25 kokanee per day in addition to the daily trout limit


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