Discover Oregon’s 2 Specialty License Plate Redesigns | Local


“The new design, built on a panorama of Oregon’s geography, reflects and respects the diversity of our culture at a time when we need it most,” said the Chair of the Cultural Trust Board of Trustees, Niki Price, in a press release on the reimagined plate. “Cultural expression is how our communities define themselves – how they live their daily life, their traditions, their heritage, their creativity, their celebrations, their values ​​and how they connect with each other. Our culture is the glue that can hold us together as Oregonians. “

There have been over 74,000 Cultural Trust plaques sold in Oregon since 2003. Updated figures for the number of plaques sold since the redesign began on October 1 are not yet available.

Proceeds from the Cultural Trust plaques go to “promoting the Oregon Cultural Tax Credit,” which automatically doubles any investment Oregonians make in a long list of cultural and nonprofit charities across the country. ‘State.

Specialized plates are also available for motorhomes and caravans, although prices may vary. Even radio amateurs can get specialized plates.

By far the most popular specialty plaque is the Crater Lake National Park plaque, which has sold nearly 400,000 pairs of plaques since 2002. The proceeds from these plaques benefit park maintenance and renovation projects. national.

Other popular specialty plates include the Pacific Wonderland plate, which features an old-fashioned design in gold on blue, similar to standard plates from 1959 through the 1970s. It has been issued since 2009 and produces the plates. Pacific Wonderland benefits the Oregon State Capitol Foundation and the Oregon Historical Society.


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