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Fisheries and Oceans Canada has updated the limits for recreational salmon fishing on the Lark for this season, severely limiting fishing opportunities.

In a social media post from the Société de gestion de la rivière Alouette (ARMS), Alex Holmes said, “It’s salmon fishing season again! And while it is exciting to hone our skills and maybe catch something for dinner, be sure to follow the regulations for each river you fish on, ”and listed the fishing limits for the river and its tributaries.

The detailed list of all closures and limits can be found on the DFO website here: https://bit.ly/3oF0bDN

According to the website, there will be no salmon fishing in Region 2, which is the Lower Mainland, with a few exceptions.

For the Alouette River and its tributaries, people will be allowed to fish for chinook above 216th Street, including the North Alouette River and its tributaries from October 1 to November 30 with a daily limit of one fish.

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People will also be able to fish for coho and chum from October 1 to December 31 downstream from a line between two fishing boundary signs in Allco Park. This will have a limit of one marked hatchery per day.

Holmes told The News that so far this year the fish barrier has only seen five sockeye salmon, but plenty of pink, coho, chum and chinook.

“Chum and Pink have been the most prolific so far this year. We hope for a solid return as expected this year. We’ve seen a few Coho’s, I’m not sure exactly how many now, ”she said.

“So far, every time we’ve had a rain event we’ve seen an increase in the number of people approaching the fence. However, this is the typical time for the return of the salmon. From September to December, you usually see the return of Pacific salmon species. The heat may have only impacted sockeye salmon because they come back during the summer months, not in the fall, ”Holmes added.

The company still sees trash in a few places in the watershed, but the rocky disturbance issue appears to have subsided. Holmes said, however, that it would be difficult to determine the health of the watershed until the company begins its hands-on fish work and analyzes the data.

“And as always, no over-limit fishing in Allco Park,” she recalled.

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