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Fisher Center LAB presents

Friday, October 14, 2022

Fisher Center, Sosnoff Theater

A performative installation in three parts

When [Salmon Salmon [Salmon]] is a trilogy of performative installations tracing the effects of salmon farms on multiple ecologies. The three books deal with the impact of food production based on extractive systems that push the environment on the verge of collapse. Presented for the first time in North America, the trilogy features farmed salmon as a constructed animal, one of the most recently domesticated and industrialized species in history.

Part 1, Salmon: a red herringquestions what colors we expect in our “natural” environment. He asks us to consider how our perception of color changes as we change planets.

Part 2, Salmon: Traces of Escapeesexplores the environmental impact of salmon farms, which can be traced far beyond the circumference of open-net pens, and everything that escapes through them.

Part 3, Salmon: food chains, subjects the public to the automated feeding mechanism of salmon farming. The play revolves around the ecosystems that are turned into food, the landscapes that are nurtured for farmed fish, and the pellets that are eaten by salmon in their feedlots.

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Location: Fisher Center, Sosnoff Theater


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