Coles’ ‘As Seen On’ aisle displays trending posts on TikTok


As Coles joins the TikTok revolution, a new aisle section – “As Seen On” – has launched in stores in honor of the most downloaded app of 2021.

Customers can head to the “As Seen On” section for recipe ingredients and products they’ve seen on TikTok (and Instagram), to give savvy social media shoppers their pick of the most talked about items.

As feta pasta, burrito wrap hack, salmon bowls and pesto eggs have gone viral, the way customers buy ingredients has changed, with recipes and products gaining attention on social media , encouraging an increase in Google search volumes for these ingredients. Coles saw a link between Google searches and his internal search queries on his Coles Online website.

Led by Coles Senior Marketing Director and die-hard TikTokker, Stephanie Oh, the Coles TikTok will feature new products, sustainable tips and tricks, recipe hacks and more.

“We are passionate about our stores, our people and our Coles own brand products – and in particular helping to feed Australian families in a sustainable way now and in the future, this will be a strong feature of our Tiktok content” , said Oh.

“We’re going to be fun to follow because you’ll always learn something new or get excited about something you just saw from Coles. But it won’t just be us talking about ourselves, we’ll be talking to customers and creating tons of content based on those conversations.

Coles joins TikTok as the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit hit over 10 billion views and #colesfinds hit one million views. With 66% of users agreeing TikTok helped them decide what to buy, and 74% saying the platform inspired them to learn more about a product or brand online, Coles is looking forward to inspiring shoppers in the “As Seen On” ray.

Coles TikTok officially launched last week on March 31st, and while the dedicated “As Seen On” aisle looks awesome, it’s not real!

“Even though we’d like to put our salmon in the same aisle as our pesto and pasta, we could just leave it in the fridge,” Oh said.

“When we recognized that the launch of our TikTok channel coincided with April Fool’s Day, we couldn’t resist. Even though our customers would love an ‘As Seen On TikTok’ aisle, our products will stay where they are, for now. Our friendly Coles team members can direct all TikTok trending fans to your favorite in-store product locations. Happy shopping!”

Watch Coles April Fool’s TikTok and follow the account here.


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