Bobby Flay’s favorite meal of the week might surprise you


It’s quite unusual for a restaurant chef to like brunch. After sweating on a stove for a crowded Saturday night dinner service, waking up early to cook brunch is usually the last thing on a cook’s mind. According Thrillist, brunch is ridiculously expensive and often consists of leftover ingredients that the kitchen has to use or mix up. Also, to save money when dining out, less experienced chefs tend to be the ones cooking the meal.

Even so, it’s no shock that Bobby Flay is serious about brunch. After all, he’s spent 7 seasons cooking unique and tasty brunch recipes on his show “Brunch @ Bobby’s” (per Food Network). In an interview with enjoy your food, Flay said he takes an “activist” approach with his staff. At 10 a.m. sharp, he locks the doors of his restaurant. If the staff aren’t inside and ready to go, they don’t work. He wants his staff to take brunch as seriously as any dinner service.

What are Bobby Flay’s favorite brunch dishes at home? Pitchers of cocktails and rosé are a must, even at 10am. According to his Bon Appétit interview, Flay doesn’t skimp on the selection. Walk into his house on a Sunday morning and you’ll find pancakes, waffles, cookies and fresh jam. Perhaps the hardest part is simply scoring an invitation.


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