Bass action at Lake Oroville producing over 60 fish in one day


OROVILLE LAKE: Bass fishing continues to be the best draw on the lake, and Bass Union’s Joseph Orozco has found good action at depths ranging from shores to 30 feet with RoboWorms or Z-Man’s TRDs on a dart head without weeds or weedless. Ned-rig with Keitech swimbaits. A full day session produces over 60 fish. The king salmon action is null and void. Bidwell is on the 2nd parking lot, and it’s the shortest walk to your tow vehicle. Loafer Creek is open, but the boardwalk is longer, the spillway is open with two lanes without a dock. The lake has dropped slightly to 41% with water discharges along the Feather River.

SHASTA LAKE: Bass action remains better in the cooler water of the Pit or Squaw arms, but there has been a significant increase in bass action on the main body. Kelly Sens took a 9.95 hog on a football-head bolt lock with a weedless Senko on the flats ahead of Jones Valley. The trout action has been terrific and Shasta Lake is finally releasing the size and number of fish to expect at this time of year. The action is found by rolling shad-patterned spoons behind a dodger at 60 to 70 feet. The lake is at 37 percent.

TRINITY RIVER, Willow Creek: Trinidad was muddy over the weekend due to a flash flood that sent mud and debris into Dutch Creek. Fishing below this area has stopped. And now a few fires are burning in the Willow Creek/Sayler area which will reduce any fishing. The majority of spring salmon have moved upriver and counts at the Junction City weir have already exceeded last year’s totals. On Sunday, flows were 750 cfs on the Hoopa gauge.

AMERICAN RIVER/Above Folsom: Flows rise and fall depending on the time of day as water outings for recreational rafting continue. The river ranges from a high of 1735 cfs to a low of 442 cfs at Chili Bar with the highest flows from mid-morning to afternoon. You have to travel far from the access areas to find good action in the plunge pools with small presentations and a bright line.

AMERICAN RIVER/Sacramento: Salmon remain stacked from the mouth of the American to the Interstate 80 bridge, but catch numbers have been low. Water temperatures in the main river up to 74 degrees. The striped bass was “hit or miss”. Flows at Fair Oaks fell slightly from 4,032 to 3,757 cfs. but the conditions and temperatures are very good with the water temperature currently at 62-64 degrees.

PLUME RIVER: The salmon action is still slow, but there are more and more fish appearing every day. The water temperature appears to have stabilized at around 65 degrees at Boyd’s Pump. Decent water flows and favorable temperatures. should draw fresh fish once it enters the system.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, from Keswick Reservoir to Red Bluff: The salmon opening at the Barge Hole was very good with an early morning bite and plenty of limits before 9:00. The bite slowed down under heavy pressure, and this week anglers had to work for what they caught. Fish move upstream and begin to appear below the hole indicating a favorable season ahead. Flows below Keswick are down slightly from 4,474 to 4,470 cfs. but pulsations were reported. Trout action was phenomenal after the river opened up above Hwy 44 with good catch numbers and size reported. The fishing pressure was high and the bite went down a bit, but only expected to get better. Caddis and ephemeral designs work best in the morning or evening.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Red Bluff to Chico: Salmon action remains slow and no fish have been reported. No real change with other species. Some stripers are still holding up around Corning with fish spread out in colder water all the way to Red Bluff. The Chico region also produces shakers. Small and largemouth action remains decent early in the day on spinnerbaits or surface lures at the mouths of streams and tributaries or in slower moving waters. Flows at the Colusa Bridge dropped from 3,280 to 3,247 cfs. but the conditions are generally favorable.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, metro area: A large concentration of fish remains stacked in the main Sacramento River from Discovery Park to Highway 80; however, vessel traffic is high and the number of catches remains low. Water temperatures currently in the mid 70’s. Silver, silver/chartreuse herring wrapped flatfish models remain the most productive lure. Striper action has been slow with few fish reported as water temperatures remain high in the mid 70 degree range.

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