Alexis Ohanian takes Olympia to Waffle House


Olympia Ohanian may have just eaten a waffle that changed her life. On Friday, Alexis Ohanian took her and Serena Williams’ daughter to Waffle House for the first time. While it may not seem like a momentous occasion, the restaurant chain holds a special place in Ohanian’s heart.

As the 39-year-old explained in a series of Instagram videos, if not for Waffle House, he might have become a lawyer instead of founding Reddit. “‘Dad stop taking pics and let me eat this waffle’ — I took @olympiaohanian to his first @wafflehouseofficial 🧇💪,” he wrote in his post. “If you know my story, you know that if I hadn’t come out of LSAT to get WH, I’d be a lawyer instead of starting Reddit. I’ll always be grateful to this WH on the 29th near @UVA.”

For her part, 4-year-old Olympia didn’t seem impressed with her dad’s Waffle House nostalgia. Then again, who could blame her for having trouble concentrating when there’s a crispy waffle right in front of her? The look on her face makes it clear she just wants to dive into her food, not wander down memory lane with her famous dad.

“If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how important this restaurant is,” Ohanian shared on Instagram. “That’s where it all started. Not this one, but Waffle House. If it wasn’t for Waffle House, I might be a lawyer. Which no one would want. But luckily, in the middle of the take from the LSAT, I got hungry and I got up and left and went to a Waffle House, and now I’m taking my daughter there, showing her the greatness of Waffle House.

Even though Olympia is more focused on her waffles than her father’s life-changing moment, her first visit is one Ohanian will treasure — and one she’ll no doubt enjoy when she gets older. For now, she seems happy to focus on delicious breakfasts. And just in case you were wondering, little Olympia ended up eating her waffle (and pouring her own syrup too!).

Ohanian shared a few more photos from their trip on Twitter, including a photo of Olympia drizzling syrup on her breakfast. “LOOSE SYRUP,” he captured the tweet.

Now that Olympia has been introduced to Waffle House, her famous parents will have to see if the restaurant leads to an “aha moment” later in her life or just sparks a lifelong obsession with breakfast food.


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