A cooler full of salmon? Here are some best Alaskan recipes and techniques


We’re in the midst of a bountiful salmon season in the south-central, and many Alaskans have fresh fish on hand. If you’re looking for help with your catch, we’ve got video guides from locals on how to net and grill itas well as a step-by-step guide to smoking fish in an electric smoker and a wonderful blueberry smoked salmon recipe.

If you’re looking for an easy way to break out of your usual routine with fresh salmon, you can try sprinkling it with a different spice blend than usual, like any bagel seasoning. Kim Sunee also has a guide to quick grilled salmon toppings.

Ten out of ten recommend grilling fresh salmon with salt and pepper and slipping it into a BLT, preferably with tomatoes and farmer’s market lettuce on sourdough bread from Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop or your own kitchen. And, whether you smoke it or have leftover grilled fish, we can show you how to develop your own salmon dip.

Here are 10 recipes for your take:

• Lazy salmon with chive flower

• Seared fillets with green herb sauce

• Grilled salmon with compound salted butter

• Sugar-Crusted Salmon with Mango-Peach Salsa

• Grilled salmon with birch syrup glaze

• Stacks of fresh salmon

• Salmon with carrot top pesto

• Salted salmon

• Coconut-lime salmon

• Salmon lettuce wraps


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