8 all-in-one recipes you can put in the oven with ease


The worst thing about the kitchen is the cleanup afterwards, especially if you’ve just cooked a big dinner for the whole family.

After you’ve had your fill of a hot meal, the last thing you want to do is scrub pots and pans.

Traybakes are the easiest way to cook tasty dinners without leaving a trace of food – prepare the food, put it on a tray and put it in the oven.

Here are eight simple and delicious dishes to try this week:

Chilaquiles with eggs and feta

Think fancy breakfast nachos, this delicious bake is made with tortilla chips topped with eggs, salsa, black beans and feta cheese. Recipe from Olive magazine.

Spicy salmon with sag aloo

A great way to spice up the usual salmon and rice routine, sag aloo is a tasty and nutritious Indian potato dish. Recipe from BBC Good Food.

Mix of sweet potatoes and chicken

This colorful dish is seasoned with garlic, thyme, rosemary and lemon. The secret is to add chicken broth to create a flavorful sauce underneath. Recipe from Tesco Real Food.

Rhubarb crusted rack of lamb

Take advantage of rhubarb season by pairing it with Jamie Oliver’s Almond-Herb Wrapped Lamb, a delicious sweet-salty balance. Recipe by Jamie Oliver.

Halloumi and Mediterranean vegetables

This vegetarian Mediterranean dish includes juicy summer vegetables like zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Serve with hummus and flatbread. Recipe from Olive magazine.

Shrimp Fajitas

This super easy fajita recipe only takes ten minutes to cook. Season the shrimp, pepper and onion before placing them on a baking sheet. And don’t forget to serve with warm tortillas. Recipe #2 pencil.

Honey-Sesame Tofu and Green Beans

Vegetarian and dairy-free, this tofu and vegetable recipe is surprisingly tasty, with honey, ginger, soy sauce and sesame seeds. Recipe from the kitchen.

Baked Lemon Crab Gnocchi

Although it requires cooking on the stovetop, this Lemon Crab Gnocchi is superb. Top with Parmesan and parsley and cook until golden and bubbly. Recipe from Olive magazine.


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