18 pink colors and their meanings


Are you planning to send roses to someone you love? You might be surprised how many colors are available. And with all the color options, it can be hard to know which one to send. Most of us know that red roses mean “to like.” But what do the other colors mean? Fortunately, we have all the details on pink color meanings.

When it comes to different floral hues, you wouldn’t want to accidentally give someone the wrong idea! For example, if you want to send flowers to the love of your lifeyou may not want to send yellow roses that mean “friendship.” Though there is is friendship with the person you love may not be exactly what you are trying to communicate. And it also goes the other way: sending purple roses (meaning passion and infatuation) to a friend might not be the message you want. The wrong color could cause unnecessary confusion.

Many pink colors have a romantic meaning, other than black, which is for mourning. From friendship or gratitude to love or passion, every color has a meaning. Whether you are planning to give roses for a special occasion, parties, Valentine’s day or simply because you will soon have the trust and the knowledge to choose the perfect shade!

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The colors of roses and their meaning

Red roses mean “love”

The traditional red rose is known to signify love and romance. It may have started with Greek and Roman mythology – the red rose was said to have been created by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Legend has it that her tears and the blood of her lover, Adonis, watered the ground where the roses appeared.

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Burgundy roses represent devotion

Burgundy roses represent an even deeper passion than red roses. Color also conveys meaning linked to loyalty and commitment. So, it can be the perfect color to give to your partner to express your feelings.

Dark pink roses mean “Gratitude”

Pink, in general, tends to represent innocence and sweetness. The deep color of pink, however, makes more sense on the gratitude line. Dark pink roses are suitable for anyone you care about.

Medium pink roses mean “Congratulations”

If you want to express your congratulations to someone, a bouquet of medium pink roses is one of the best colors to choose. So if you have a daughter or friend who just accomplished something big, medium pink roses might be the perfect gift.

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Light pink roses represent appreciation or innocence

Light pink roses are so pretty and feminine. The color represents innocence and is perfect as a gift for a friend or daughter “just because” or with a “thinking of younote. This is also a good pink color to give a girlfriend in a new and budding relationship.

Purple roses mean passion

The violet rose evokes passion and infatuation. It could mean the start of a romantic relationship. Purple also represents royalty, majesty, and honor, which makes purple a good color to give to someone you hold in high regard.

Lavender roses mean love at first sight

Like deep purple, lavender rose has something to do with passion, especially love at first sight or enchantment.

Orange roses represent fascination

Orange roses look so fun and vibrant! Color signifies fascination, but is also an energy and uplifting Color. Giving orange roses would definitely cheer up someone who is sick. Or, if you have a friendship that’s starting to feel romantic, orange is the perfect color choice between yellow and red.

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Salmon roses show desire

Salmon is another sweet and innocent color. It means “desire” which makes Salmon roses a good color to give at the start of a relationship, or honestly, at any stage (who said the honeymoon period had to end?).

Peach roses mean gratitude

Do you want to show gratitude to someone? Give them peach roses! Not only does the color mean “gratitude”, but it also looks so cheerful and happy.

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Black roses mean mourning

You don’t see black roses very often and if you do they can be displayed around Halloween. In fact, black is not a natural pink color, but a tinted color. Roses in black usually represent mourning and death. Of course, black roses could also be used at formal events, possibly paired with cream for an elegant arrangement.

White roses represent new love

Traditionally, white roses are used in weddings and represent innocence, new beginnings and truth. It is also popular to display white roses at graduations or christenings.

Cream roses mean thoughtfulness

Cream or ivory roses are soft and elegant. The soft color means “reflection” without romantic intentions. This makes cream roses perfect for gifting to a friend or colleague. Bouquets of cream roses are also often used at formal gatherings due to their sophisticated look.

Yellow roses mean “friendship”

Yellow roses represent friendship and are ideal for showing that you care. In general, yellow is a very uplifting hue, so it would be good to give them away when you want to brighten up someone’s day. It really is a great color for so many different occasions!

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Yellow roses with red tips represent happiness

Like orange roses, yellow roses with red tips are a great color to give for a new budding romance, but could work for many different occasions! After all, a cross between red and yellow also represents Happiness and cheerfulness.

Green roses mean “good news”

Green roses do not grow naturally, but the tinted green color is often equated with renewal or wealth. This would be a perfect color to give to someone who has recovered from illness or is embarking on a new career.

Blue roses mean mystery

Another tinted color, blue roses mean “mystery.” Do you have a secret affection? Send her blue roses! The color also signifies rarity and could be given to someone you find truly unique.

Golden roses represent luxury

Are you planning a luxurious event for your loved one, such as a 40th anniversary Where Birthday party? For emphasis, you might want to include a bouquet of lush golden roses. What better way to make someone feel pampered and loved?

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