15 Easy Leftover Salmon Recipes


Ree Drummond was late to the game when it came to salmon. “I didn’t start liking salmon until I was 40,” she says. But these days, she loves making blackened salmon, slab salmon puttanesca, and other salmon recipes as a nutritious alternative to her typical steak dinner. After all, salmon is a healthy, quick-cooking fish that’s perfect for healthy weeknight dinners. But what happens when you make a big batch of baked salmon and have leftovers to spare? Do not worry! These easy leftover salmon recipes will put your delicious fish dinner to work again and again.

Here, you’ll find out just how versatile salmon can be in meals. Not only can you serve it hot or cold, but the flavor of salmon can also range from Mediterranean-inspired to spicy taco. Try Greek salmon couscous bowls or salmon lettuce wraps drizzled with teriyaki sauce. You can simply use the salmon as an addition to sandwiches and salads or turn the fish into tasty salmon cakes or croquettes. We’ve even included a few leftover smoked salmon recipes that go way beyond your typical bagel spread. And don’t forget to check out our tips for reheating rice – it’s useful for making the popular Salmon Rice Bowls. From quick meal ideas to next-day pasta recipes, these creative ways to use up leftover salmon will save you time and money over the week ahead.


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