10ft smooth hammerhead shark landed in Australia


Catching a hammerhead shark is an item on the to-do list for most land shark anglers, and Australian fisherman Ryley Fehily was able to tick it off his list last week when he beached a large particularly large hammerhead shark. Fehily says he was fishing with “some friends” on December 23 at Golden Beach in Victoria, Australia, when he encountered the monster. He and his buddies used fresh salmon as bait, which they deposited about 450 yards from shore.

“We actually had a double hook when I got it. I think the other was a hammer too, but unfortunately we dropped it, ”says Fehily. F&S. “The shark’s initial run was really good, but then it was just really heavy deadweight.”

The shark was caught using fresh salmon as bait. Ryley fehily

After Fehily pushed the shark back to shore, he and his friends took a quick measurement of the shark’s length, which placed it 10 feet over the point. They did not measure the shark’s circumference, although it looks particularly thick. Fehily says this is probably due in part to the fisheye of the GoPro camera they used to capture the photos, although even the non-fisheye photos show a giant beast.

The waters off Australia are home to three species of hammerhead sharks, according to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and include large, scalloped and smooth hammerhead sharks. Fehily’s hammerhead appears to be a smooth hammerhead, due to the lack of indentation in the center of its distinctive head – or cephalo-leaf – and because it is the only species of hammerhead that l ‘usually found in Victoria, Australia. According to Oceana, smooth hammerhead sharks are typically between 8 and 11.5 feet long and can weigh up to 880 pounds.

two men measure hammerhead shark
The shark got stuck at exactly 10 feet. Ryley fehily

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Fehily and her friends quickly returned the shark to the water and it swam away sharply. The friends brought a total of 10 sharks to the sand on their Dec. 23 expedition in total, according to Fehily’s pal Trent Diver’s Facebook post. Fehily was the only one who ran aground a hammerhead shark.

“It was my very first hammerhead shark,” Fehily says. “They are quite rare to come here, so I was really happy to have one. Shark fishing is a great adrenaline rush.


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